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WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Clinton today granted pardons to 59 people and three commutations of sentence. Attached is a list of those persons.



Commutations of Sentence    
Name District SentencedOffense
Dorothy Marie Gaines S.D. Alabama

March 1995 Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and possession with intent to distribute, cocaine base; 21 USC 841 and 846.

Bobby Franklin Griffin W.D. Missouri  

December 1997

Bribery, mail fraud, 18 USC 666(a)(1)(B) and 1341.

Kemba Niambi Smith   E.D. Virginia April 1995 Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine and cocaine base, conspiracy to engage in money laundering, making false statements to an agent of the United States; 21 USC 846, 18 USC 2, 371, and 1956, and 18 USC 1001.

Jimmy Lee Allen

Everton, Arkansas W.D. September 1990 False statements to agency of United States; 15 USC 714m(a).

Virgil Lamoin Baker

Swansea, Illinois E.D. Illinois (Now Southern District Illinois)

July 1959

Violation of the Military Training and Service Act, 50, USC Appendix 462

Garran Dee Barker North Little Rock, Ark. E. D. Arkansas December 1986 Conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, 18 USC 371.
Nancy M. Baxter Vansant, Virginia W.D. Virginia Virginia May 1990 Tax evasion and filing a false amended tax return, 26 USC 7201 and 7206(1).

Charles N. Besser

Chicago, Illinois N.D. Illinois October 1985 Mail fraud; 18 USC 1341.

Harlan Richard Billings

Stonington, Maine Maine August 1985 Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute in excess of 1,000 pounds of marijuana; 21 USC 846.
Edward Raymond Birdseye Chico, Calif. E.D. Calif. May 1992Unlawful use of a communication facility; 21 USC 843(b).
Roscoe Crosby Blunt, Jr.

Shrewsbury, Mass.U.S. Army court-martial convened at Rhinehausen, Germany 

April 1945 Fraternization, Article of War 96.

Charles Edward Boggs Paragould, Arkansas E. D. Arkansas October 1977 Receiving a stolen motor vehicle which was part of interstate commerce, 18 USC 2313.
Terry Coy Bonner Hambleton, W. Virginia N.D. West Virginia

July 1986 Possession of an illegally made destructive device; 26 USC 5861.

Alfred Whitney Brown, III Covington, Louisiana E.D. Louisiana

June 1992

Illegal sale of wildlife by allowing hunting over a baited field, 16 USC 3372(a)(1), 3372(c)(1)(A), and 3373(d)(1)(B), and 18 USC 2.

William Robert Carpenter

McMillan, Michigan N. D.California

November 1991

Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, 21 USC 841(a)(1).

Philip Vito DiGirolamo

Prunedale, Calif. N.D. Calif.

June 1984

Conspiracy to import marijuana; 21 USC 963; wilfully subscribing to a false tax return, 26 USC 7206(1).

Peter Welling Dionis Ft. Lauderdale, Florida N.D. New York May 1976 Conspiracy, importation, and possession with intent to distribute hashish; 21 USC 841(a)(1), 952(a), and 963, and 18 USC 2.
Darrin Dean Dorn  S.D. Iowa

July 1981

Conspiracy to damage property by means and use of an explosive, 18 USC 371.

Peter Bailey Gimbel New York, N.Y. S.D. New York February 1991 Conspiracy to distribute cocaine, 21 USC 846.
Philip Joseph Grandmaison Nashua, New Hampshire New Hampshire

March 1996

Mail fraud, 18 USC 1341 and 1346.

Joe Robert Grist Abilene, Texas W.D. Texas June 1990 Misapplication of funds by a bank employee; 18 USC 656.
LeRoy Kenneth Hartung, Jr. Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


Interception of wire communications, 18 USC 2511(1)(a).

 Joseph Riddick Hendrick III Charlotte, N. Carolina W.D. N.C. December 1997 Mail fraud, 18 USC 1341.
Judd Blair Hirschberg Chicago, Illinois N.D. Illinois

July 1991

Mail fraud, 18 USC 1341.

Robert Quinn Houston Brandon, Mississippi S.D. Mississippi

 April 1986

Conspiracy to obstruct commerce by extortion; 18 USC 1951(a).

 Martin Joseph Hughes  Rocky River, Ohio N.D. Ohio

November 1987

Aiding and abetting the falsification of union records, aiding and assisting in the submission of false tax records, making false statements to a government agency; 29 USC 439(c), and 18 USC 2, 26 USC 7204, 18 USC 1001.

Jere Wayne Johnson Enid, Okla. W.D. Okla. September 1982Conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and Garfield County, Oklahoma, while serving as a county commissioner, 18 USC 371.
Michael Thomas Johnson d'Iberville, Mississippi S.D. Miss. January 1987 Filing false tax returns, 26 USC 7206(1).
Daniel Wayne Keys Benton, Arkansas S.D. Texas September 1977Possession with intent to distribute marijuana, 21 USC 841(a)(1).
Larry Ray Killough Searcy, Arkansas E.D. Arkansas

June 1985

Unlawful distribution of prescription drugs, 21 USC 841(a)(1).

 Jack Kligman Philadelphia, Penn. E. D.Pennsylvania

August 1985

Conspiracy and mail fraud, 18 USC 371 and 1341.

 Hector Osvaldo Labagnara Beach Haven, N.J. New Jersey Conspiracy to transport stolen motor vehicles in interstate commerce, to receive and sell stolen motor vehicles, to transport false vehicle registrations in interstate commerce, and to receive and dispose of false vehicle registrations; receipt and sale of stolen motor vehicles; 18 USC 371 and 2313.

Moses Jubilee Lestz (formerly known as Michael Eugene Lestz)

Elkville, Illinois W.D. Arkansas 1982 Forgery of U.S. savings bond; 18 USC 495.
Leon Lee Liebscher El Reno, Oklahoma W.D. Oklahoma August 1982 Conspiracy to defraud the U.S.(tax evasion), 18 USC 371.
 Pierluigi Mancini Alpharetta, Georgia N.D. Georgia October 1985Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute; 21 USC 841(a).
John Ross McCown, Jr. Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska January 1992 Structuring of transactions to evade reporting requirements, 31 USC 5324(3) and 5322(b), and 18 USC 2.
Edward Francis McKenna, III Gulfport, Mississippi S.D. Miss.

 January 1993

Possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids, 21 USC 333(e)(1).


Andrew Kirkpatrick Mearns III

Dallastown, Penn. Delaware

March 1978

Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine; 21 USC 846 and 841.

Ralph Eugene Meczyk  N.D. Illinois September 1987 Filing false partnership and individual federal income tax returns.
Philip James Morin Omaha, Neb. W.D. Texas June 1984 Distribution of cocaine; 21 USC 841(a)(1).
 Thomas Edward Nash, Jr. Asheville, N.C. W.D. N.C.  August 1988Conspiracy to restrain interstate trade and commerce; 15 USC 1.
Roger Lee Nelson Omaha, Neb. Nebraska  August 1981 Aiding and abetting mail fraud; 18 USC 1341 and 2.
 Jose Rene Pineda-Martinez Houston, Tex. S.D. Texas . 1. April 1983

2. December 1983

3. May 1984

1. Entering U.S. without inspection

(misdemeanor); 8 USC 1325.

2. Transporting an illegal alien

within the U.S.; 8 USC1324(a)(2).

3. Transporting an illegal alien

within the U.S.; 8 USC1324(a)(2).


John Russell Raup


Cohoes, New York U.S. Air Force general court-martial

convened at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, New York

August 1984

Larceny of government property

and wrongful possession of

marijuana, U.C.M.J. Articles 121

and 134.

 James William Rogers Moncks Corner, S.C. South Carolina

January 1982

Conspiracy to commit racketeering, 18 USC 1962(d).

George Wisham Roper, II Norfolk, Virginia E. D. Virginia Virginia May 1974Conspiracy to bribe public officials and to defraud the U.S. government; 18 USC 371.
 Daniel Rostenkowski  D. of Columbia April 1996 Mail fraud (two counts); 18 USC 1341 and 1346.
Dean Raymond Rush Grapevine, Texas W.D. Texas April 1993 False statements on a loan application; 18 USC 1014.
 Archibald R. Schaffer, III  D. of Columbia Sept. 2000 Violation of Meat Inspection Act; 21 USC 622.
Anthony Andrew Schmidt  Hays, Kansas Kansas

June 1985

Conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine; 21 USC 841(a)(1) and 846.

Stanley Sirote Huntington, New York E.D. New York

Sept. 1974

Bribery of a public official; 18 USC 201(f).

Dent Elwood Snider, Jr. Santa Cruz, Calif. Colorado

March 1981

Use of a telephone to facilitate the distribution of cocaine; 21 USC 843(b).

James Lawrence Swisher Greensboro, N.C. M.D.N.C.

 July 1977

Obstruction of a criminal investigation; 18 USC 1510.

Larry Kalvy Thompson Lubbock, Tex. N.D. Texas May 1988 Aiding and abetting misapplication of bank funds, misprision of a felony; 18 USC 2, 4, 657.
Stephanie Marie Vetter Riverdale, New York New Mexico July 1979 Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine; 21 USC 841(a)(1).
Danny Ray Walker Booneville, Arkansas E.D. Arkansas

 March 1975

Interstate transportation of stolen property; 18 USC 2316.

Thomas Andrew Warren Tallahassee, Florida S.D. Florida

 December  1975

Conspiracy to import marijuana; 21 USC 963.

Michael Lynn Weatherford  Laurens, S.C. E.D. North Carolina

 January 1986

Aiding and abetting interstate travel in aid of racketeering; 18 USC 1952(a) and 2.

Jack Weinstein Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada July 1975 Conspiracy and interstate transportation of stolen property; 18 USC 371, 2314 and 2.
Robert Owen Wilson Mooresville, N.C. M.D. Tennessee

 July 1980

Mail fraud, 18 USC 1341.

Charles Elvin Witherspoon  Lufkin, Texas E.D. Texas Embezzlement of bank funds; 18

USC 656.

Charles Z. Yonce, Jr. Edgefield, S. C. South Carolina April 1988 Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and aiding and abetting therein; 21 USC 841(a)(1), 846, and 841(b)(1)(B), and 18 USC 2.