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MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2000

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The United States Justice Department has reached an agreement with Domino's Pizza, Inc. resolving a complaint that Domino's policy of providing only limited pizza delivery in certain geographical areas had a discriminatory effect on African Americans. The matter was resolved with the full cooperation of Domino's and no lawsuit was filed by the Justice Department.

In resolving the matter, Domino's agreed to develop a nationwide policy to ensure that decisions to limit pizza delivery are based upon a legitimate safety concern for their delivery drivers. The policy will be in effect in the more than 650 corporate stores and 3,900 franchise stores throughout the country.

"We commend Domino's for promptly and cooperatively addressing concerns raised about their delivery policy. The new delivery policy ensures that decisions on delivery limitations will be based on the legitimate concern for the safety of Domino's employees and not on the racial composition of a neighborhood," said Bill Lann Lee, the Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

The comprehensive policy provides specific guidelines on when delivery restrictions may be implemented by store managers, and the scope of delivery restrictions. Under the policy, Domino's stores may limit delivery services in specific areas where there is evidence that the safety of delivery drivers is threatened by current criminal activity in the area. The policy recommends that Domino's stores consult with local law enforcement, as well as businesses and community organizations, to determine the gravity of safety concerns and the need to limit delivery services.

The scope of any delivery limitations by Domino's stores must be narrowly confined to the area in which safety is a concern. Store managers also must conduct an annual review of any decision to limit delivery to determine if the threat to safety is still present or if the delivery limitation may be lifted. Domino's Director of Safety and Security will review decisions by corporate stores to limit delivery.

The federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides that all citizens, regardless of their race, color, religion, or national original, are entitled to the goods, services and accommodations provided by public accommodations which include restaurants.