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"The strength of our democracy demands that we fulfill the rights of both ballot access and ballot integrity - to guarantee every citizen, in accordance with the law, the right to vote, and to every voter the right to be counted." - Attorney General John Ashcroft

For over 30 years, the Justice Department has had in place an Election Day program to ensure the right of eligible voters to cast their votes and help shape the nation’s political leadership.

The Department of Justice has responsibility for enforcing the laws guaranteeing voting rights and prosecuting voting fraud. The Civil Rights and Criminal divisions of the Department of Justice are involved in elections to ensure both ballot access and ballot integrity.

The Civil Rights Division is charged with enforcing the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as well as the National Voter Registration Act, both of which are designed to guarantee access to the polls on Election Day.

The Criminal Division is responsible for enforcing the voting fraud laws passed by Congress and signed by the President.

Election Day Program

"Ensuring access to the polls on Election Day is one of the primary missions of the

Civil Rights Division." - Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Ralph Boyd, Jr.

On this Election Day, the Department of Justice will have in place a nationwide program using all available means to guarantee access to the polls, prevent fraud and prohibit voter intimidation. Federal prosecutors and investigators will be readily available to the public for the purpose of receiving complaints and taking any appropriate action when the polls are open on Election Day. When the polls open, every available resource of the Department of Justice - both in Washington, D.C. and in the states - will be available to handle complaints, ensure access, open investigations and prosecute offenses.

Voting Access and Integrity Initiative. In accordance with the Attorney General’s directive, District Election Officers have been designated and will be available in each U.S. Attorney district to receive and handle any complaints received from the public.

Civil Rights Division:

On Election Day, Civil Rights Division personnel will be available at a toll free number to receive complaints.

Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Justice Department has regularly sent observers around the country to protect the rights of all voters, including minority and elderly voters. This year, the Civil Rights Division will be coordinating nearly 500 government employees - including 108 attorneys from the Department of Justice - who will be in cities and towns across the country to ensure access to the polls, and to enforce our nation’s civil rights laws.

The Department of Justice will send 324 federal observers and 108 Justice Department personnel to 26 counties in 14 states to monitor the general election.

States that will be assigned monitors and Justice Department personnel include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

The Division has been engaged in a major outreach effort to minority groups and election officials to inform jurisdictions of their obligations under the Language Minority Provision of the Voting Rights Act. The Division will enforce the law that requires jurisdictions meeting certain criteria to provide bilingual access to elections.

Thousands of citizens in 80 jurisdictions who would not have received assistance before will be provided help in exercising their voting rights on Election Day. This assistance includes providing registration or voting notices, forms, instructions, assistance, or other materials or information relating to the electoral process, including ballots, provided in the language of the applicable minority group as well as in the English language.

The Division will enforce existing consent decrees.

Criminal Division:

The Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section has assigned attorneys to assist with potential election crime cases, as needed.

Lawyers with the Public Integrity Section will be on duty from the time the polls open on the East Coast until the time they close on the West Coast to provide consultation and coordination with the District Election Officers.

Since the Attorney General’s announcement on October 1st of the Voting Access and Integrity Initiative, the Criminal Division has opened sixteen cases regarding allegations of voting fraud, voter intimidation, and others.

The Justice Department will enforce the laws that prohibit:

voter intimidation;

voting by ineligible individuals;


destruction of valid ballots or registrations;

counting more votes than there are registered voters;

altering vote tallies;

voting in multiple counties;

abuse of absentee ballots;

malfeasance by election officials; and,

ballot boxes disappearing;

Election Day Contact Information:


Civil Rights Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530


Criminal Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530

Office of Public Affairs [ALL MEDIA INQUIRIES]

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530


Background Information on the Justice Department’s Mission

to Protect Voting Rights and Prevent Election Fraud

The Voting Access and Integrity Initiative. On October 1st, the Attorney General ordered the creation of a Department-wide Voting Access and Integrity Initiative. The goals of this initiative are to:

enhance our ability to deter discrimination and election fraud; and,

prosecute violators vigorously whenever and wherever these offenses occur.

Civil Rights and Criminal Division Leaders Heading Initiative. To protect the vote of Americans, resources from across the Department of Justice have been committed to this effort. Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division Ralph Boyd, Jr. and Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division Michael Chertoff are leading this initiative. Ralph Boyd, Jr. has met with dozens of individuals and civil rights organizations to discuss our commitment to enforcing voting rights and ensuring voter participation.

Designating Federal Prosecutors to Address Voting Matters. The Attorney General directed all 94 U.S. Attorneys to designate a District Election Officer responsible for our efforts on Election Day. These officers are experienced Assistant U.S. Attorneys with knowledge of the laws that:

prohibit racial discrimination and voter intimidation;

govern absentee voting for uniformed and overseas citizens, the elderly, and citizens with disabilities; and,

protect the voting rights of minority language Americans.

District Election Officers. These officers are election experts in their Districts, and implement the Department of Justice's response to election fraud and campaign financing crimes under the overall supervision of the Public Integrity Section pursuant to 9 U.S.A.M. 85.210.

Terms of a District Election Officer last through the end of July in the next even-numbered year.

District Election Officers met with senior election administrators within their Districts to offer federal assistance in the investigation and prosecution of electoral crimes that occur during the forthcoming federal election.





(All complaints related to discrimination or access can be reported to the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931)

(All complaints related to ballot integrity can be reported to the Criminal Division at 202-514-1412)

(All media inquiries are to be directed to the Office of Public Affairs at 202-514-2007)

Election Day Points of Contact - District Election Officers


Alabama - Middle---Kent B. Brunson--334-223-7280

Alabama - Northern---John P. "Pat" Meadows-205-244-2214

Alabama - Northern---Frank M. Salter, Jr.--205-244-2208

Alabama - Southern---John Cherry--251-441-5845

Alaska - Deborah M. Smith--907-271-5071

Arizona - Charles Huellmantel--602-514-7756

Arkansas - Eastern---John Ray White--501-324-5321

Arkansas - Western---Larry McCord--479-494-4064

California - Central---Ted Moreton--213-894-3358

California - Eastern - Fresno--Stan Boone--559-498-7442

California - Northern---Charles "Ben" Burch--510-637-3918

California - Southern---Christopher P. Tenorio-619-557-7843

Colorado - Tom O'Rourke--303-454-0209

District of Columbia---Steve Bunnell--202-514-6961

Connecticut - Calvin B. Kurimai--203-821-3700 ext. 3039

Delaware - Leonard P. Stark--302-573-6277 ext. 106

Florida - Middle---Robert Mosakowski--813-274-6000-

Florida - Northern - Tallahassee--Monte Richardson--850-942-8430

Florida - Northern - Pensacola--Len Register--850-444-4000

Florida - Southern---Karen Rochlin--305-961-9234

Georgia - Middle---Harry J. Fox--912-752-3511

Georgia - Northern---William Toliver--404-581-6069

Georgia - Southern ---Richard S. Thompson--912-652-4422

Guam - Marivic P. David--671-472-7332 ext. 120

Saipan - John Rice---670-236-2980

Hawaii - Elliot Enoki--808-541-2850

Idaho - Boise---George Breitsameter--208-334-1211

Idaho - Pocatello---Jack Haycock--208-478-4166

Idaho - Coeur d' Alene---Nancy Cook--208-667-6568

Illinois - Central - Springfield--Gregory Gilmore--217-492-4450

Illinois - Central - Urbana--David Hoff---217-373-5875

Illinois - Central - Peoria & Rock Island-Darilynn Knauss--309-671-7050

Illinois - Northern---Gillum Ferguson--312-353-1413

Illinois - Southern---Joel Merkel--618-628-3700

Indiana - Northern---Bernard L. Van Wormer-219-937-5500

Indiana - Southern---Tim Morrison--317-226-6333

Iowa - Northern - Ceder Rapids--Daniel Tvedt--319-363-6333

Iowa - Northern - Sioux City--Janet Petersen--712-255-6011

Iowa - Southern---Robert Dopf--515-284-6257

Kansas - Leon Patton--913-551-6730

Kentucky - Eastern---Thomas L. Self--859-233-2661 ext. 139

Kentucky - Western---Tom Dyke---502-625-7042

Louisiana - Eastern---Irene Gonzalez--504-680-3077

Louisiana - Middle---James Stanley Lemelle-225-389-0443

Louisiana - Western---William Flanagan--318-676-3624

Maine - Jim McCarthy--207-945-0373

Maine - John Gleason--207-771-3248

Maryland - Baltimore---Joseph L. Evans--410-209-4884

Maryland - Greenbelt---Ronald J. Tenpas--301-344-4233

Massachusetts---Stephen G. Huggard--617-748-3148

Michigan - Eastern ---Gary M. Felder--313-226-9742

Michigan - Western---Donald Daniels--616-456-2404

Minnesota - Jennifer Smith--612-664-5749

Mississippi - Northern---John R. Hailman--662-238-7633

Mississippi - Southern--David Usry---601-973-2839

Missouri - Eastern---David M. Rosen--314-539-2365

Missouri - Eastern---James G. Martin--314-539-3991

Missouri - Western---Dan Stewart--816-426-4160

Montana - Joshua S. Van de Wetering-406-542-8851

Nebraska - Robert Kokrda--402-661-3700

Nevada - Camille Damm--702-388-6223

New Hampshire - Peter Papps--603-225-1552

New Jersey - Michael Chagares--973-645-2839

New Mexico - Jonathon Gerson--505-346-7296

New York - Eastern---Sanford Cohen--718-254-6249

New York - Northern - Syracuse--Michael Olmsted--315-448-0672

New York - Northern - Albany--Robert P. Storch--518-431-0247

New York - Northern - Binghamton-Miroslav Lovric--607-773-2887

New York - Southern---Andrew Dember--212-637-2563

New York - Southern---Neil Corwin--718-422-5605

New York - Western---Kathleen Mehltretter--716-551-4817

North Carolina - Eastern--J. Gaston B. Williams--919-856-4849

North Carolina - Middle--Benjamin H. White, Jr.-336-333-5351

North Carolina - Western - Charlotte-Kenneth D. Bell--704-338-3131

North Carolina - Western - Asheville-Richard Edwards--828-271-4661

North Dakota - Fargo---Lynn C. Jordheim--701-297-7400

North Dakota - Bismarck--David L. Peterson--701-530-2420

Ohio - Northern - Cleveland--Robert W. Kern--216-622-3836

Ohio - Northern - Toledo--David O. Bauer--419-241-0728

Ohio - Southern -Columbus--Gary Spartis--614-469-5715

Ohio - Southern - Dayton--J. Richard Chema--937-225-2910

Ohio - Southern - Cincinnati--Ralph W. Kohnen--513-684-3711

Oklahoma - Eastern---Gordon Cecil--918-684-5157

Oklahoma - Northern---Charles M. McLoughlin-918-581-6952

Oklahoma - Western---Jerome Holmes--405-553-8736

Oregon - Michael J. Brown--503-727-1031

Pennsylvania - Eastern--Michael A. Schwartz--215-861-8923

Pennsylvania - Middle - Scranton--Barabara Whitaker--570-348-2800

Pennsylvania - Middle - Harrisburg-Kim Daniel---717-221-4482

Pennsylvania - Western--A. Elliot McLean--412-644-3505

Puerto Rico - Jorge E. Vega-Pacheco-787-282-1806

Rhode Island - James H. Leavey--401-528-5449

South Carolina - Robert C. Jendron--803-929-3063

South Dakota - Robert Mandel--605-342-7822

Tennessee - Eastern---Charles E. Atchley, Jr.-865-545-4167

Tennessee - Middle---Harold B. McDonough, Jr.-615-736-5151

Tennessee - Middle---William Cohen--615-736-5151

Tennessee - Western---Lawrence J. Laurenzi--901-544-4231

Texas - Eastern---John Stevens--409-839-2538

Texas - Northern - Dallas--Michael Uhl--214-659-8680

Texas - Southern---Ruben Perez--713-567-9344

Texas -Western---Ray Jahn---210-384-7150

Utah - Elizabethanne Stevens-801-524-5682

Vermont - John Conroy--802-951-6725

Virgin Islands - Alphonso Andrews--340-773-3920

Virginia - Eastern - Alexandria--Kathy Kahoe--703-299-3700

Virginia - Eastern - Richmond--Debra Prillaman--804-819-5400

Virginia - Eastern - Norfolk--Alan Salsbury--757-441-6331

Virginia - Western---Ruth Plagenhoef--540-857-2250

Washington - Eastern - Spokane--Rolf H. Tangvald--509-353-2767

Washington - Eastern - Yakima--Gregory M. Shogren--509-454-4425

Washington - Western--Arlen Storm--253-428-3800

West Virginia - Northern--Robert H. McWilliams, Jr. -304-234-0100

West Virginia - Southern--Karen B. George--304-345-2200

Wisconsin - Eastern---Lisa T. Warwick--414-297-1786

Wisconsin - Western---Stephen E. Ehlke--608-264-5158

Wyoming - Jim Anderson--307-772-2124