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Fact Sheet: Department of Justice
Family Justice Center Initiative

Domestic violence is a serious problem affecting women, men and children of all backgrounds. President Bush is committed to preventing domestic violence, and in order to address the effects of domestic violence on all Americans, he has secured historic levels of funding for the Violence Against Women programs at the Department of Justice. The Bush Administration is committed to zero tolerance towards domestic violence.

• In July 2004, the Department of Justice awarded more than $20 million to 15 communities chosen under President Bush’s Family Justice Center Initiative to prevent and respond to violence against women. The St. Louis Family Justice Center is the 6th center to open since the announcement of the initiative.

• Victims of domestic violence often are forced to seek help in a fragmented system of separate agencies offering uncoordinated services. The Family Justice Center initiative will make a victim’s search for assistance and justice much easier during a difficult time. The centers will provide comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence at one location, including medical care, counseling, law enforcement assistance, faith-based services, social services, employment assistance, and housing assistance.

• The Family Justice Center sites bring together advocates from non-profit groups, victim services organizations, law enforcement officers, probation officers, governmental victim assistants, forensic medical professionals, attorneys, chaplains, and representatives from community-based organizations into one centralized location.

• The Department of Justice selected the recipients of the Family Justice Center Initiative Awards based on several criteria, including geographic distribution, economic and cultural diversity, service to under-served populations, and coordination with Native American communities.

• In addition to St. Louis, Family Justice Centers have opened in Brooklyn, NY; San Antonio, TX; Nampa, ID; Alameda County, CA; and Monroe County, LA.

• Family Justice Centers are scheduled to open in Boston, MA; Defiance, OH; Buffalo, NY; Tampa, FL; Knoxville, TN; Sitka, AK; Las Vegas, NM; St. Joseph County, IN; and Tulsa, OK.

• More information about the President’s Family Justice Center Initiative and other initiatives involving the Office on Violence Against Women is available on OVW’s website at