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Deadline for Americans with New Property Claims Against the Government of Cuba to file in the Second Cuban Claims Program is February 13

WASHINGTON, D.C. The filing deadline for any new property claims against the Government of Cuba is February 13, 2006, Mauricio Tamargo, Chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, reminded the public today. Under the Second Cuban Claims Program, the Commission is authorized to receive claims of U.S. citizens or corporations against the Government of Cuba for the loss of real and personal property taken after May 1, 1967.

The Second Cuban Claims Program provides for claims of U.S. citizens and corporations that would have been eligible under the earlier program but for the fact that the claim did not arise by the time of the filing deadline of May 1, 1967 and were not otherwise previously adjudicated by the Commission. The program is intended to cover those property claims that arose subsequent to the earlier program. Chairman Tamargo emphasized that the program is open only to those who were U.S. citizens or American corporations at the time their property was taken.

All inquiries concerning these claims should be forwarded directly to the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States, 600 E Street N.W., Suite 6002, Washington, D.C. 20579, Phone: (202) 616-6975, Fax: (202) 616-6993.

The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States (FCSC) is a quasi-judicial, independent agency within the Department of Justice which adjudicates claims of U.S. nationals against foreign governments. More information about the Commission is available at