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David Race Bannon Arrested in Colorado

Washington, D.C. – David Race Bannon, who claims to have worked for Interpol as a “hit man,” was arrested on Friday, January 27, in Boulder, Colorado for criminal impersonation. Bannon is the author of Race Against Evil - - The Secret Missions of the Interpol Agent Who Tracked the World’s Most Sinister Criminals.

Using his alleged background as an Interpol agent and expert in human trafficking, Bannon is compensated for speaking engagements and subject-matter training courses. The Colorado Department of Public Safety confirmed that Bannon had solicited fees in excess of $3,000 for a two-day training course on human trafficking.

Working in collaboration with the U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol, the Interpol General Secretariat (Lyon, France), and other Interpol member countries, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation deems Bannon’s credentials to be bogus and his efforts to profit from the deception to be illegal. He is charged with criminal impersonation, computer crime and attempted theft.

In 2004, the Interpol General Secretariat issued the following statement:

“Interpol's General Secretariat in Lyon has no record of David Race Bannon having been employed and no knowledge of individuals mentioned in Mr. Bannon's book. Interpol exists to facilitate the exchange of information between the world's law enforcement agencies and to provide analysis of criminal data and other services. Accordingly, the claims in Mr. Bannon's book can only be seen as deceptive and irresponsible fantasy.”

The above disclaimer was nationally broadcasted to U.S. law enforcement by the U.S. National Central Bureau.

Bannon is scheduled for his first district court appearance on February 2. For additional information, please contact Carl Blesch, Public Information Officer, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, (302) 271-6868.