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Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Honors Employees and Others
at the Department of Justiceís Annual Awards Ceremony

Individuals Involved in Enron Trial Receive Top Award

WASHINGTON Ė More than 230 Justice Department employees Ė along with 42 other individuals, many of whom are federal employees and law enforcement officers Ė were honored today at the Departmentís 54th Annual Awards Ceremony at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. The Attorney Generalís Annual Awards Ceremony provides an opportunity to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of a number of U.S. Department of Justice employees as well as individuals from outside the Department.

Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty joined the Attorney General in presenting the Departmentís highest award, the Attorney Generalís Award for Exceptional Service, to the outstanding members of the investigative and trial team of the Enron Task Force, who were recognized for their exceptional service to the American public and the Department in the investigation and successful prosecution of the individuals who were most responsible for the Enron fraud. This hard-fought battle was won through the dedication of the team members, who devoted years of their professional lives to this effort and, in doing so, made significant personal sacrifices by living away from home for long periods of time and working under stressful conditions. The teamís unparalleled dedication and teamwork over a period of years has made a significant contribution to restoring confidence in the nationís securities markets.

ďTodayís award recipients make me proud to be their colleague. They make me proud to be an American,Ē said Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales. ďTheir dedication and achievements remind me why it is an honor to serve at the Department of Justice.Ē

The recipients of the Attorney Generalís Award for Exceptional Service from this team include:

From the Northern District of Illinois, Sean M. Berkowitz, Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the District of Columbia, Kathryn H. Ruemmler and Lisa O. Monaco, Assistant U.S. Attorneys; from the Central District of California, John C. Hueston, Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney, Robb C. Adkins and Andrew D. Stolper, Assistant U.S. Attorneys; from Northern District of California, J. Douglas Wilson, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Leslie R. Caldwell, Former Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the Northern District of Texas, Clifford B. Stricklin, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the Eastern District of New York, Benton J. Campbell and Linda A. Lacewell, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and Andrew Weissmann, former Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the District of Massachusetts, David H. Hennessy, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Samuel W. Buell, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Also part of the team were members of the Criminal Division, including John A. Drennan, Trial Attorney for the Appellate Section; Leo J. Wise, Trial Attorney, and Linda B. Walls, Lead Paralegal Specialist for the Fraud Section; and Matthew W. Friedrich, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Chief of Staff, Office of the Assistant Attorney General. The remaining team members are part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Those being honored from the FBIís Houston Division include Supervisory Special Agent Michael E. Anderson; Special Agents Raju S. Bhatia, David Michael Hays, Kendall L. Hopper, Jeffrey D. Jenson, Jill Odom, and Chad J. Nunez; Financial Analysts Loren P. Feast, Susan K. Ridley, and Tonja K. Rose; and Paralegal Specialist Pamela Joan Jerding. Recipients from the FBIís Washington Field Office include Supervisory Special Agent David F. Reign and Special Agents Paul E. Holdeman, Paula L. Schanzle, Marc R. Diehl, Brian L. Crews, Jeffrey C. Dutton, and Gregory H. Bristol. Supervisory Special Agent for the FBIís Security Division Anne Hopkins was also honored.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Exceptional Heroism is given to recognize an extraordinary act of courage and voluntary risk of life during the performance of official duties. William ďBuddyĒA. Sentner, Special Agent of the Office of Inspector Generalís Miami Field Office is honored posthumously for the exceptional courage he displayed by saving the lives of several fellow officers. Special Agent Sentner, 44, was shot and killed in the line of duty on June 21, 2006, as he was working as part of a team executing arrest warrants on six correctional officers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee, Florida. These correctional officers were indicted the previous day on charges of conspiracy to sexually abuse female inmates and introduction of contraband into the correctional facility. During the execution of the arrest warrant, one of the correctional officers, who was a subject of the warrant, opened fire on the arrest team. Acting with extraordinary courage, Special Agent Sentner rushed to aid his fellow agents and returned fire, killing the correctional officer. Tragically, Mr. Sentner was killed and a Federal Bureau of Prisons lieutenant was wounded. Special Agent Sentnerís brave actions and quick response under fire saved the lives of others while sacrificing his own life.

The Mary C. Lawton Lifetime Service Award recognizes employees who have served at least 20 years in the Department and have demonstrated high standards of excellence and dedication throughout their careers. This yearís Mary C. Lawton Lifetime Service Award went to David Margolis, Associate Deputy Attorney General in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General. Mr. Margolis has been a federal prosecutor for over 40 years and has brought decades of experience in the Department to the wide array of responsibilities in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General. The contributions that Mr. Margolis has made to the Department are not simply characterized by length of service. His impact on the Departmentís policy and practices, his integrity and reliability and his dedication to the cause of justice are hallmarks of his character.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Meritorious Public Service recognizes the most significant contributions of citizens who have assisted the Department in the accomplishment of its mission and objectives. Phillip Nicholas Chapman, Christopher M. Donlan, Amber Marie Deahn, and Linda C. Olson were honored today for their heroic and selfless efforts which led to the rescue of Shasta Groene and the arrest of her abductor, Joseph Edward Duncan, III, in Coeur díAlene, Idaho on July 2, 2005. At approximately 1:53 A.M. PT, Joseph Duncan and Shasta Groene walked into a Dennyís restaurant in Coeur díAlene, Idaho. Duncan had brutally killed members of Groeneís family a few months before. Working for Dennyís at the time were manager Linda C. Olson and waitress Amber M. Deahn. Ms. Deahn identified the girl from the extensive media coverage the case had received and directed her manager to call 911. Ms. Deahn offered Ms. Groene a milkshake as a delaying tactic. At the same time, Phillip N. Chapman and Christopher M. Donlan, who were patrons seated nearby, also recognized Ms. Groene from media reports and walked outside the restaurant to observe Duncan, who had gone outside to smoke. They identified his vehicle and recorded the license plate number. Responding officers soon arrived and arrested Duncan. As a result of their efforts, a violent killer and child sexual predator was arrested and an abducted child was recovered.

The William French Smith Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cooperative Law Enforcement is an honorary award granted to recognize State and local law enforcement officials who have made significant contributions to cooperative law enforcement endeavors. The Williams French Smith Award is presented this year to the following individuals: Battalion Chief Robert M. Luckett, Fire and Explosives Investigation Unit, Alexandria, Va; Captain William B. Harlowe, Fire and Explosives Investigation Unit, Fairfax County, Va.; Battalion Chief Scott K. Hoglander, Investigator Brian S. Radinsky, and Retired Investigator Tony R. Exline, all of the Fire and Explosives Investigation Unit, Prince Georgeís County, Md.; Sergeant Hank E. Anderson and Detective Brian L. Padgett of the Prince Georgeís County Police Department; Deputy State Fire Marshal Derrick A. Chapman and Corporal Steve W. Dulski of the Maryland State Police; and Detective Todd O. Gray and Investigative Analyst Emanuel U. Ross, Jr. of the Metropolitan Police Department for the District of Columbia

The Attorney Generalís Award for Distinguished Service is the Departmentís second highest award for employee performance. The recipients of this award exemplify the highest commitment to the Departmentís mission. Twelve Distinguished Service Awards were presented this year.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many Department employees responded to assist those most impacted. The Award for Distinguished Service was presented to following employees who prioritized the needs of others and service to the public above their personal needs. Recipients include, from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Kevin C. Harrison, Assistant Special Agent in Charge; Joseph Ruggerio, Retired Group Supervisor, New Orleans Field Division; Jack H. Schumacher, Group Supervisor, Houston Field Division; Benjamin F. Hafer, Special Agent Pilot, Aviation Division, South Central Aviation Office; Daniel R. Salter, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Dallas Field Division. From the U.S. Marshals Service, Roxanna L. Irwin, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, Eastern District of Louisiana. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Michael J. Wolf, Special Agent in Charge and Todd B. Cox, Supervisory Special Agent, New Orleans Field Office. Also honored at todayís ceremony wasDivision Counsel Elizabeth D. Chatelain from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, New Orleans Field Division. Rosemary A. Hart, Special Counsel from the Departmentís Office of Legal Counsel was also recognized.

U.S. Attorneys James B. Letten and David R. Dugas, both of Louisiana, were also awarded the Attorney Generalís Medallion for their leadership in support of response and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the storm.

The Distinguished Service Award was also presented to Brain R. Beckwith, Chief, U.S. Marshals Service Training Academy. His career contributions include assistance in the investigations of the first World Trade Center bombing and the Branch Davidians. Chief Beckwith was also called upon to lead a deployment in the aftermath of the September 11 th terrorist attacks to secure La Guardia and Kennedy airports. Four days after Hurricane Katrina struck, Chief Beckwith led a team to the Gulf Coast and relieved beleaguered police forces, identified and located registered sex offenders and rounded-up fugitives responsible for the spike in crimes after the storm.

The Distinguished Service Award was also presented to the members of the Southeast Bomb Task Force, who pursued domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph for nine years after he attempted to disrupt the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta by detonating one of the largest pipe bombs ever in the United States. The explosion resulted in the death of one individual and the injury of over 100 others. Recipients of the award included: from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, John D. Behnke, John H. Cronier, James W. Cross, Jr., Daniel P. Sindall, and Darin C. Werking, Special Agents, Atlanta Division; Velda L. North, Support Services Technician, Atlanta Division; Linda R. Urheim, Intelligence Analyst, Atlanta Division; Alexander Borzym II, Special Agent, Detroit Field Office; H. Joseph Ronisisvalle, Special Agent, Birmingham Field Office; Todd P. Letcher and Tracey A. North, Special Assistants to the Deputy Director, Office of the Deputy Director; and Thomas J. Mohnal, Supervisory Special Agent, Laboratory Division. Also awarded, from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, was Joseph R. Kennedy, Supervisory Special Agent, Chattanooga Field Office.

Distinguished Service Awards were presented to John J. Connors, Senior Attorney, Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, for his exceptional dedication and efforts involving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court; Nora R. Dannehy, Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Connecticut, for her prosecution of significant public corruption matters, including Connecticut Governor John Rowland and Treasurer Paul Silvester; and Blane K. Dessy, Director, Library Staff, Justice Management Division for advancing the Departmentís library system.

Additional Awards for Distinguished Service went to Assistant U.S. Trustees: John P. Fitzgerald, Region 1; Henry G. Hobbs, Jr., Region 7; Mark A. Neal, Region 4; Cynthia A. Burnette, Region 21; and Patricia D. Fahey, Region 13. All five successfully and swiftly implemented, on a national basis, the new credit counseling and financial education requirements contained in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.

Other Distinguished Service Awards were received by employees that spearheaded the Departmentís efforts in the appellate courts and Supreme Court in successfully defending the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment, Rumsfeld v. FAIR. Award recipients from the Solicitor Generalís Office include Edwin S. Kneedler, Deputy Solicitor General, and Irving L. Gornstein, Assistant to the Solicitor General. Award recipients from the Civil Division include Douglas N. Letter, Appellate Litigation Counsel; Scott R. McIntosh, Special Counsel, Appellate Staff; Joseph H. Hunt, Director, Federal Programs Branch; Vincent M. Garvey, Deputy Director, Federal Programs Branch; and Gregory G. Katsas, Deputy Assistant Attorney General. Also awarded was Mark T. Quinlivan, Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts.

Three trial attorneys from the San Francisco Field Office of the Antitrust Division were also presented with Distinguished Service Awards. Niall E. Lynch, Assistant Chief; Nathanael M. Cousins and May Y. Lee, Trial Attorneys. These recipients, through their leadership, dedication, and exceptional investigation and negotiation efforts, are responsible for significant criminal antitrust cartel prosecutions. These cases have broken up an international price-fixing cartel involving a crucial component, dynamic random access memoryĖDRAMĖin a huge, critically important, U.S. high-technology industry.

From the Justice Management Divisionís Finance Staff, Melinda B. Morgan, Director, and Marcia K. Paul, Deputy Director, were awarded for providing effective leadership and direction to the Departmentís financial audit community.

Award recipient Barbara Rowland, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, resolved two significant civil fraud cases in the pharmaceutical arena, recapturing $261.5 million for federal health care programs.

Another honored recipient, Bryan Sierra, Public Affairs Specialist for the Office of Public Affairs, has expertly managed media relations for complex and high profile cases, including the Padilla case, Enron and the Moussaoui trial. His extraordinary efforts to explain to the public the important work of the Department go beyond the call of duty, even accepting the dangerous mission of traveling with the Attorney General to Iraq in July 2005.

In recognition of outstanding professional achievements by law enforcement officers, four Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards were presented this year.Special Agents David P. Biddiscombe and James Langtry, New York Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Detective Robert J. Brzeski, Nassau County Police Department, New York, were honored for dismantling the Velt Gangsta Lanes set of the Bloods gang in Roosevelt, New York, as part of the joint federal and local Operation Streetsweeper. Their efforts resulted in the apprehension and conviction of 22 Bloods gang members on racketeering charges involving narcotics trafficking, assaults with firearms and incendiary devices, murder and attempted murder.

The Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement was also presented to Christopher M. Garay, an emergency medical technician from the Federal Correctional Complex in Tucson, Az., of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, who fought his way out of a housing unit overtaken by inmates. Mr. Garay was assaulted with homemade weapons, receiving numerous puncture wounds, scrapes, contusions and a laceration to his head. Immediately upon being released from the hospital, Mr. Garay returned to the prison to assist with the investigation and prosecution of the inmates involved.

Another distinguished group was awarded for their contributions in the investigation of former New York City Police Department detectives Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, who exploited their law enforcement positions to perpetrate a broad range of racketeering acts on behalf of the Luchese organized crime family. Honorees include, from the Drug Enforcement Administrationís New York Field Division, Assistant Special Agent in Charge John M. Peluso and Special Agents Mark Z. Manko, John E. Perfetti, John P. Francolla. Recipients from the FBIís New York Field Division include Special Agents Geraldine A. Hart and David J. Wolf.

The Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement was also presented to members of an agency task force who conducted a 22 month investigation to catch a serial arsonist. The arsonist was responsible for the deaths of two people within the Washington Metropolitan Area. Individuals honored who serve in the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosivesí Baltimore Field Division include: Theresa R. Stoop, Special Agent in Charge; David L. McCain, Assistant Special Agent in Charge; William J. Stringer, Group Supervisor; and Thomas R. Daley, Scott R. Fulkerson, Tijuana N. Patty, Special Agents. Joseph M. Riehl, Chief of the Arson and Explosives Programs Division, was also awarded.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Excellence in Furthering the Interests of U.S. National Security was presented to the trial team involved with the Moussaoui case. Members of the team overcame numerous obstacles in what was an extremely complex and extended national security case. Ultimately, they were able to uphold the Departmentís goalĖthe prevention of terrorist attacks and the protection of national securityĖby securing the guilty plea of an avowed al Qaeda terrorist, and seeing that he spends the rest of his days in prison.

Members of the Moussaoui trial team include, from the Criminal Division, John W. Van Lonkhuyzen, Trial Attorney; Gregory A. Miller, Counterterrorism Support Specialist and Security Officer; Suzette R. Buttram, Former Paralegal Specialist, Counterterrorism Section. Recipients from the Eastern District of Virginia include David J. Novak, Senior Litigation Counsel; Karen M. Spinks, Victim Witness Coordinator; Aaron M. Zebley, Assistant U.S. Attorney; Nancy J. Kramp, Lynn H. Johnson and Sheila A. Lee, Paralegal Specialists; Debra C. Vainio, Lead Legal Assistant; Pamela A. Benson and Michael J. Tesar, Intelligence Research Specialists; Crystal A. Griego, Victim Witness Specialist; and Robert A. Spencer, Former Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney. Those honored from the Southern District of New York include David A. Raskin, Assistant U.S. Attorney; Harry J. Brady, Jr., Intelligence Research Specialist; Gerard C. Francisco, Legal Administration Specialist; and Wendy Olsen Clancy, Victim Witness Specialist. Members of the team from the Civil Rights Division include Kevin Gingras, Trial Attorney, Criminal Section. Members from the FBI include Special Agents James M. Fitzgerald, Brian L. Getson, Lisa M. Rich, and Matthew M. Gutierrez, Supervisory Special Agent Joan-Marie Turchiano,and Technical Information Specialist Brenda Holley, all of the New York Division; Special Agents Jacqueline Maguire and Matthew G. Walsh of the Washington Field Office; and Special Agent Lisa B. Eie of the San Diego Field Office. From the Justice Management Division, the team included Christine E. Gunning, Security Specialist, Security and Emergency Planning Staff. Also awarded was Raymond A. Guidetti, Detective Sergeant First Class, New Jersey State Police, along with agents from the Central Intelligence Agency Jonathan H. Ferry and John L. McPherson.

The Edward H. Levi Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Exemplary Integrity is presented to pay tribute to the memory and achievements of former Attorney General Edward H. Levi, whose career as an attorney, law professor and dean, and public servant exemplified these qualities in the best traditions of the Department. John C. Keeney, Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division, is the recipient this year.Mr. Keeneyhas been a leader and mainstay of the Department for more than 50 years. He is recognized for his legal expertise, resourcefulness, and decisive measures on organized crime and racketeering, public corruption, and the federal governmentís use of electronic surveillance and witness security protection programs, among other matters.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Excellence in Management recognizes outstanding administrative or managerial achievements which have significantly improved operations, productivity, or reduced costs. This yearís recipient is Frank V. Hall, Director of Administration for the U.S. Attorneyís Office in the Middle District of Florida.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Excellence in Information Technology recognizes outstanding achievements in applying information technology to improve operations and productivity, reduce or avoid costs, and solve problems. This yearís recipients from the Drug Enforcement Administration include: Catherine M. Harnett, Chief of Demand Reduction Programs; Maureen C. Bory, Demand Reduction Coordinator; Deborah S. Augustine, Victim Witness Specialist; Michael J. Turner, Special Agent/Staff Coordinator for the Demand Reduction Section; and Public Affairs Specialists Tammy L. Bowman, Amy L. Warren, and Barbara L. Wetherell of the

Office of Congressional and Public Affairs. Also awarded were Electronics Engineer Greg D. Kesner for the Operational Technology Division of the FBI and Information Technology Specialist Wayne E. Towson with the U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Equal Employment Opportunity is the Departmentís highest award for performance in support of the Equal Employment Opportunity program. This yearís recipient is Mail Supervisor Alice H. Roberson of the Facilities and Logistics Services Division at the FBI.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Excellence in Legal Support recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of legal support to attorneys by paralegal specialists and other legal assistants. This yearís paralegal recipients include Supervisory Paralegal Specialist Lee Cox in the Criminal Divisionís Office of International Affairs; Paralegal Specialist Deidre Williams in the General Counsels Office at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The following individuals from the FBIís Criminal Justice Information Services Division also received an award for their outstanding legal support: Legal Administrative Specialists Brian Allen Barker, Kathleen L. Crowl, Richard H. Dean, Roberta A. Hatcher, Charles R. Mays, Sarah E. Phillips, Dorothy L. Riddle, and M. Jeanne Zickefoose; Supervisory NICS Liaison Specialist Todd D. Mullenax; and NICS Liaison Specialist R. Marc Chamberlain.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Excellence in Administrative Support recognizes outstanding performance in administrative or managerial support by an administrative employee or secretary. The recipients include Special Deputation Specialist Eva M. Gilbert of the U.S. Marshals Service; Special Investigative Support Technician Diane M. Raney of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Phoenix; Staff Assistant and Office Manager Karen A. Hanson of the Torts Branch of the Civil Division; and Cameo D. Hoey, Secretary in the Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division.

The John Marshall Awards are the Departmentís highest awards presented to attorneys for contributions and excellence in legal performance. Twelve awards in eight categories are presented this year.

Todd J. Cochran, Kevin B. Crawford, Scott R. Damelin, John C. Ekman, Stephen P. Finn, Joshua E. Gardner, Heide L. Herrmann, Sonia M. Orfield, Russell A. Shultis, Sharon A. Snyder, Marian E. Sullivan, Elizabeth A. Thomas, Trial Attorneys and Harold D. Lester Jr., Assistant Director and Alan J. Lo Re, Senior Trial Counsel from the Civil Divisionís National Courts Section received the John Marshall Award for Trial of Litigation. The Spent Nuclear Fuel Litigation Team is recognized for outstanding work in defending claims in 66 separate cases pending before 18 different trial court judges.

Amy Jeffress and Matthew G. Olsen, Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the District of Columbia, also received the John Marshall Award for Trial of Litigation. The team was honored for the successful prosecution of one of the most violent criminal organizations in United States v. Kevin Gray, et al, a RICO conspiracy case charging 16 defendants with terrorizing neighborhoods in parts of the District of Columbia for more than 10 years.

The John Marshall Award for Participation in Litigation was presented to David H. Laufman and Stephen M. Campbell, Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the Eastern District of Virginia and Marla B. Tusk, Trial Attorney and Jerry R. DeMaio, former Trial Attorney of the Criminal Divisionís Counterterrorism Section. The team is recognized for their outstanding performance in the investigation, prosecution and conviction of Al Qaeda conspirator Ahmed Omar Abu Ali.

The John Marshall Award for Participation in Litigation was also presented to Sally Quinn Yates, First Assistant U.S. Attorney and R. Joseph Burby Jr. and John Horn, Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Phyllis B. Sumner, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, as well as William R. Chambers Jr. and Michael W. Whisonant, Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Robert J. McLean, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama. The team is recognized for their outstanding partnership in successfully investigating and prosecuting Eric Robert Rudolph for the deadly bombings in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama.

The John Marshall Award for Support of Litigation is presented to attorneys from the Environment and Natural Resources Divisionís Environmental Crimes Section Kevin M. Cassidy, Noreen E. McCarthy and Andrea T. Steward, Trial Attorneys and Christopher J. Costantini, Daniel W. Dooher, Deborah L. Harris, Richard A. Poole, Senior Trial Attorneys and Assistant Section Chief Andrew D. Goldsmith and Senior Counsel H. Claire Whitney. Attorneys from several U.S. Attorneys offices were also recognized: from the District of New Jersey--Ralph J. Marra Jr., First Assistant U.S. Attorney and Norv McAndrew, Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the Northern District of Alabama, Robert O. Posey, Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the Eastern District of Texas, Arnold A. Spencer, Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney; and from the District of Utah, Leshia M. Lee-Dixon, Assistant U.S. Attorney. The team is honored for their hard work on a nationally coordinated series of prosecutions that served to bring to justice one of the nationís most egregious violators of environmental and worker safety laws--McWane Inc.

Scott J. Glick, Deputy Counsel for Criminal Matters of the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR) received the John Marshall Award for Support of Litigation for his exceptional dedication and effort on behalf of OIPR in supporting nationwide litigation involving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Alisa B. Klein, Attorney in the Civil Divisionís Appellate Staff, received the John Marshall Award for the Handling of Appeals for her efforts during the past decade in some of the Divisionís most important cases involving the Family and Medical Leave Act, Controlled Substances Act, Telecommunications Act and the Driverís Privacy Protection Act.

David B. Salmons, Assistant to the Solicitor General in the Office of the Solicitor General also received the John Marshall Award for the Handling of Appeals for his exemplary legal skills and the major role he has played in some of the most pressing issues facing the country in the area of appellate litigation and the ongoing war on terror.

Michael J. Elston, Chief of Staff and Counselor in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, received the John Marshall Award for Providing Legal Advice for his outstanding legal advice, leadership and excellence related to the appellate work of the Eastern District of Virginia.

Sharon Cohen Levin, Raymond J. Lohier and Kevin R. Puvalowski, Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the Southern District of New York, received the John Marshall Award for Asset Forfeiture for their outstanding dedication, diligence and professional skill in connection with a case that is a paradigm of how asset forfeiture can be used to recover assets abroadĖin this instance, $200 million for crime victims.

The John Marshall Award for Alternative Dispute Resolution was given to attorneys from the Civil Rights Divisionís Disability Rights Section. Elizabeth L. Bacon, Josh C. Mendelsohn, Naomi H. Milton and Mellie H. Nelson, Supervisory Trial Attorneys and Beth A. Esposito, Dov Lutzker and Sunny Pietrafesa, Trial Attorneys and Mary Lou Mobley, former Trial Attorney, and Hilary L. Martinson, Attorney Advisor and Jeanine M. Worden, Deputy Chief were honored. The recipients used alternative dispute resolution to successfully negotiate a series of formal settlement agreements with some of the largest cities and counties in the United States.

Brian R. Howe, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey and Stuart Rabner, Chief Counsel to the Governor of the State of New Jersey, were given the John Marshall Award for Interagency Cooperation in Support of Litigation for their outstanding performance in investigating and prosecution the case against Hemant Lakhani, who was convicted of attempting to provide material support to terrorists by offering to sell shoulder fired missiles for the purpose of shooting down commercial airlines in the United States.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Outstanding Service in Freedom of Information Act Administration recognizes exceptional dedication and effort to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. This yearís recipient is J. Brian Ferrel, Senior Division Counsel for FOIA and Privacy Act Matters, Civil Trial Section of the Tax Division.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Fraud Prevention recognizes exceptional dedication and effort to prevent, investigation, and prosecute fraud and white collar crimes. The recipients include: Salvador R. Perricone, Assistant U.S. Attorney,

Eastern District of Louisiana; Nicola Mrazek, Trial Attorney, Criminal Division; Jonathan J. Rusch, Senior Counsel, Criminal Division; Paul E. Pelletier, Acting Chief of the Fraud Section, Criminal Division; Monique P. Roth, Special Counsel, Criminal Division; and Robert E. Coughlin II, Deputy Chief of Staff, Criminal Division. Additional recipients from the FBIís New Orleans Division include: Supervisory Special Agents Lewis M. Chapman and Howard Schwartz; Special Agents Donald L. Bostic, Jr., William M. Carter, John Brady Casey, Dewayne J. Horner, Jennifer L. Orona,

Edward W. Reed, Peter G. Smith, and Dennis Swikert;and Rebecca Lynn Giddens,

Support Services Technician. Recipients from the FBIís Jackson Division include Supervisory Special Agent Keith B. Moses and Special Agents Henry S. Huntsberry, Robert E. Pine, Jr., and Joseph A. Skarda.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Public Safety recognizes outstanding achievement in the development and support of community partnerships designed to address public safety within a community. This yearís award recipients include: Peter J. Elliott, U.S. Marshal, Northern District of Ohio; Gregory A. White, U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Ohio; C. Jay Matthews, Senior Pastor, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church; Dick Russ, Managing Editor, WKYC Television; Darren B. Toms, Assistant News Director, Clear Channel WTAM; Michael C. McGraph, Chief of Police, Cleveland, Ohio; Charles R. See, Director, Lutheran Ministries Community Re-Entry, Cleveland, Ohio; Douglas S. Weiner D.C. Strategic Group, Aurora, Ohio; Robert L. Tobik, Public Defender; William D. Mason, Prosecutor; Thomas J. Pokorny, Court Administrator; Gerald T. McFaul, Sheriff, Cuyahoga County; Richard J. McMonagle, Administrative Judge; and John E. Monce, Director, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The Cubby Dorsey Award for Outstanding Contributions by a Wage Grade System Employee recognizes extraordinary performance and contributions by wage grade system employees, including laborers, mechanics, and skilled craft workers. This yearís recipient is Joseph Lewis Sawyer, Motor Vehicle Operator Supervisor, Facilities and Logistics Services Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Attorney Generalís Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Employee recognizes exceptional performance and notable accomplishments towards the Departmentís mission by an employee with fewer than five years of Federal career service. This yearís award is presented to four employees, including: Mark R. Freeman, Appellate Staff Attorney for the Civil Division; Allison P. Gioia

Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York; Monsita Lecaroz-Arribas, Assistant U.S. Trustee for Region 21; and Jeffrey M. Tapick, Trial Attorney for the Land Acquisition Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division.