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MONDAY, MAY 14, 2007
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Justice Department Focuses on Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Attorney General Urges Congress to Enact Important New Legislation

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales today highlighted the Justice Department’s ongoing efforts to protect intellectual property rights, and announced a comprehensive legislative proposal entitled the “Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007,” before members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy.

In addition to the proposed legislation, the Department’s ongoing commitment to combating intellectual property includes measures for implementing valuable resources, and aggressively prosecuting counterfeiters, each elements of the government-wide Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP) Initiative.

Implementing Resources to Protect Intellectual Property Rights
In June 2006, the Department’s Task Force on Intellectual Property issued a Progress Report outlining its progress in implementing 31 recommendations to improve IP protection. The task force’s recommendations, and additional Department efforts include the following:

Effectively Prosecuting IP Thieves and Counterfeiters
The Department_s Criminal Division, along with U.S. Attorneys Offices across the country in the past few years, have developed a strong record of prosecuting violators of existing IP law, which includes:

The Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007
Today the Department submitted to Congress the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 that would enhance the Department_s ability to prosecute crimes and protect the intellectual property rights of citizens and industries. Among its many provisions, the Act includes measures that would: