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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
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Fact Sheet: Department of Justice Efforts to Combat Cyber Crimes

In May 2006, President Bush created an interagency Identity Theft Task Force, chaired by the Attorney General and co-chaired by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman. After examining government and private sector efforts in the identity theft area, the Task Force in April 2007 issued a report to the President with 31 recommendations to improve our national efforts to combat identity theft.  These recommendations included protecting personal data in the private and public sector, investigating and prosecuting data breaches and related identity theft, and assisting victims of identity theft.  Since then, the Task Force has worked to implement these 31 recommendations over the last year across the government and with our private sector and international partners.

The Department of Justice has supported this Task Force through the vigorous prosecution of the various forms of identity theft.  The Department’s identity theft prosecutions have ranged from simple theft of financial data and documents to credit-card “skimming” operations; high-tech “phishing” schemes; and schemes to use others’ online brokerage accounts to manipulate securities markets.

Recent Prosecutions (CY 2008)
Spam Prosecutions
Online Frauds Affecting Financial Institutions
Online Identity Thefts
Worms, Trojans, Botnets
Online Fraud Schemes
Computer Intrusions to Steal Data or Damage Computers