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     WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Eli Rosenbaum has been named director of
the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Jo Ann Harris, 
Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division,
announced today. 
     OSI is the unit of the Criminal Division that identifies and
takes legal action against those who participated in prosecutive
activities of the Nazi regime during World War II.  "
     OSI's outstanding work has led to the successful
deportations of many such individuals from the United States," 
Harris said.
     At the same time Harris also announced the appointment of
Ronnie L. Edelman, a career Justice Department attorney, as
Principal Deputy at OSI.
     A native of New York, Rosenbaum, 39, came to the Department
through the Honors Program after his graduation from Harvard Law
School in 1980.  He was a trial attorney with OSI from 1980 to
1984,  In 1984, Rosenbaum left the Department to work as a
corporate litigator with a New York law firm and then as general
counsel for the World Jewish Congress.  He later returned to OSI
in 1988 where he was appointed as Principal Deputy Director.
     Edelman, who received her law degree from New York
University in Buffalo in 1979, also was an Honors Program
attorney when she joined the Department.  Initially she was
assigned to the Fraud Section.  There she moved up through the
ranks, serving as Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Institutional
Fraud Branch, and as Acting Chief of the Government Regulatory
Branch.  In 1982 she joined OSI and was named Deputy Director in
charge of litigation in 1990.
     "Ronnie and Eli are a tremendous pair who have dedicated
extraordinary efforts to further OSI's mission," Harris said. 
"They represent the highest degree of professionalism and
integrity and I am grateful that they will continue to provide
OSI with their exceptional leadership."
     In 1994, OSI filed seven new cases, the highest yearly total
in the last decade.  To date, some 42 persons have been removed
from the United States and 50 have been stripped of their
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