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     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Harris Corporation of Melbourne,
Florida, will forego as much as $1.6 million in federal payments 
to settle allegations the company improperly obtained information
to win a communications system contract from the Federal
Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Justice announced
     Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Frank
Hunger said Harris will release its right to receive $613,000
currently due from FEMA and an additional amount that could be as
much as $1 million that would have become due under the contract. 
     Hunger said Harris agreed to settle after the Department
informed the firm of its potential liability under the False
Claims Act.  
     "We are pleased to reach this agreement which addresses the
government's concerns on how Harris pursued the FEMA contract," 
Hunger said.
     Hunger said the United States alleged that in 1983 Harris
employees got information from a FEMA employee relating to the
agency's criteria for evaluating bids.  The information could
have been used to give Harris a competitive advantage in
obtaining the contract, which involved building a communications
system to operate during a nuclear war or other major
     The settlement resulted from an investigation by FEMA's
Office of the Inspector General and negotiations by the agency's
Office of General Counsel and the Department's Civil Division.