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     Washington, D.C. -- The Attorney General announced today
that the FBI has placed Juan Garcia-Abrego on its "Ten Most
Wanted Fugitives" list, the first time a leading international
drug trafficker has been included.  A federal indictment in
Houston, Texas charges that Garcia-Abrego is the leader of a
powerful Mexican drug organization responsible for transporting
tons of Colombian cocaine into the United States for the Cali
cartel and for authorizing acts of violence, including murders,
to promote drug activities.  

     Attorney General Janet Reno stated, "The targeting of
Garcia-Abrego and his organization is part of this
Administration's drug enforcement strategy that is aimed at
disrupting and destroying major drug trafficking organizations --
particularly those portions which operate within our borders and
in transit countries such as Mexico -- to stop the flow of
narcotics across our borders and into our communities."  

     Reno praised the law enforcement authorities of Mexico, who
have pledged their cooperation, adding, "Garcia-Abrego has done
great harm to both the United States and Mexico, and the law
enforcement agencies of both nations will join together to ensure
that he is apprehended and brought to justice."  

     The Attorney General praised the efforts and coordination of
the United States Attorneys, FBI and DEA, in their joint
investigation and prosecution of the Garcia-Abrego organization,
that have already resulted in the conviction of more than 70
individuals in the Southern and Northern Districts of Texas, the
Middle District of Florida and the Eastern and Southern Districts
of New York, and the seizure of more than 14 tons of Colombian

     "Federal, state and local law enforcement have created a
powerful force in our drug enforcement efforts.  The FBI and DEA
joint investigation of the Garcia-Abrego organization and the
indictment obtained by the United States Attorney, illustrate the
strength that is gained when we join forces to distrupt the flow
of drugs across our borders."

     The warrant for Garcia-Abrego was issued in September of
1993, in the Southern District of Texas, in Houston.  The
indictment charges him with Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to
Distribute Cocaine; Money Laundering; Possession with Intent to
Distribute; Conspiracy to Import Cocaine; and Continuing Criminal

     The Juan Garcia-Abrego organization operates on both sides
of the U.S.-Mexican border, centered in Matamoros, Tamaulipas,
Mexico and more recently in Monterrey, Nuevo-Leon, Mexico.  It is
recognized by law enforcement authorities in the U.S. and in
Mexico as one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations
in Mexico and derives its power from the use of violence and
bribery.  Once the drugs cross the border, the organization has
distribution cells throughout the United States, including San
Antonio, Houston and New York, and is known to have had elements
in Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee and
Seattle, as well as cities in California, Nevada, Arizona,
Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

     Garcia-Abrego was born in La Paloma, Texas and may claim
dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico.  He is 50 years
old, and is described as a white male, six feet tall, 200 pounds,
with brown eyes and brown hair.  The FBI advises that Garcia-Abrego should be considered armed and dangerous.

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