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     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Form I-151, or so-called "green
card," has been extended for a year, the Department of Justice
announced today.  It was due to expire March 20, 1995.  The
Department said employers cannot fire or refuse to hire any
permanent resident who presents the card, which is now good
through March 20, 1996.
     The Immigration and Naturalization Service said the
extension, authorized Thursday, was made to ensure that lawful
permanent residents will have acceptable identification until
they receive new, counterfeit-resistant documents.  The current
I-151s were issued in 1979.
     William Ho-Gonzalez, Special Counsel for Immigration-Related
Unfair Employment Practices, said employers must continue to
accept the old I-151 until next year.  The Special Counsel
enforces the antidiscrimination provisions of the Immigration and
Nationality Act.
          "Even after March 20, 1996, employers should remember
that although the documents expire, the status of these permanent
residents does not change," said Ho-Gonzalez, "They are still
eligible to work in the United States."  
     Additionally, employers need not reverify or fill out a new
Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9) for workers
who previously presented the I-151 card.
     In order to assist employers in complying with the statute,
OSC operates an "Employer Hotline" which gives callers accurate,
and up-to-date information on completing the Form I-9, guidelines
for fair hiring practices, penalties for discrimination and which
documents are acceptable for I-9 purposes.  The number is 1-800-255-8155 or (TDD) 1-800-362-2735.  The hotline also offers a
"fax-back" feature which allows callers to receive a hard-copy of
the list of acceptable documents as well as information on INA's
antidiscrimination provision.
     For further information write:
          Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related
            Unfair Employment Practices
          P.O. Box 27728
          Washington, D.C.  20038-7728