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Tribal Consultation

  • 2007
    Albuquerque, NW was the site of the second Tribal Consultation on September 19, 2007. Read the 2007 Tribal Consultation Final Report to learn more about the event and all suggestions made there.

    The four most important items brought up by the tribes in attendance were:

    Leadership vacancies within the DOJ (specifically the Attorney General and OVW Director). These positions should be filled as soon as possible. Support for the Deputy Director cannot be fully executed without these leadership positions being filled.

    States must work with tribes; counties do not have bylaws to work with the tribes. Technical assistance is needed within states to support tribes. With minimal funding for law enforcement, it is necessary for OMB, BIA, and DOJ to leverage resources to fund officers. Some tribes are not able to fund their law enforcement officers at the same rate as BIA officers. Entry level pay of $10 an hour is not adequate to secure long-term positions for officers.

    Administration of funds should not be allocated by population. For example, shelters can house women from other tribes and from surrounding checkerboard reservation neighborhoods. Allocating resources where they are needed is an important consideration.

    A task force is to be implemented for the baseline study as identified in Title IX. Even though the Baseline Study Task Force work has not started, NIJ and OVW could have begun meeting with tribes to address concerns. This is one of the most critical pieces of importance to the Pueblo of Zuni. Each area of Title IX has serious implications and they are all a priority.

    Follow-Up Letter on 2007 Tribal Consultation

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