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The Family Justice Center Initiative

The Family Justice Center Initiative awarded more than $20 million since October 2003 to 15 communities across the country for the planning, development, and establishment of comprehensive domestic violence victim service and support centers. The Initiative is administered by the Office on Violence Against Women.

The goal of the Family Justice Center is to make a victim's search for help and justice more efficient and effective by bringing professionals who provide an array of services together under one roof.

The 15 PFJCI sites bring together advocates from non-profit groups, victim services organizations, law enforcement officers, probation officers, governmental victim assistants, forensic medical professionals, attorneys, chaplains, and representatives from community-based organizations into one centralized location. OVW, the Attorney General, and the Administration support this most critical initiative and continue to work toward the goal of eradicating violence against women.

Family Justice Center Sites Funded by the Department of Justice
Alameda County Family Justice Center, Oakland, California
Anne Patterson Dooley Family Justice Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bexar County Family Justice Center, San Antonio, Texas
Boston Family Justice Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Erie County Family Justice Center, Buffalo, New York
Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana
Hillsborough Family Justice Center, Tampa, Florida
Knoxville, Tennessee Family Justice Center
Nampa, Idaho Family Justice Center
New Orleans, Louisiana Family Justice Center
New York City Family Justice Center of Brooklyn, New York
Northwest Ohio Family Justice Centers, Defiance, Ohio
Ouachita Parish Family Justice Center, Monroe, Louisiana
San Diego, California Family Justice Center
Sitka, Alaska Family Justice Center
Somos Familia Family Justice Center, Las Vegas, New Mexico
St. Louis Family Justice Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Family Justice Centers Contact Information
Anaheim Family Justice Center, Anaheim, California
San Jose, California Family Violence Center
North County Family Violence Prevention, San Marcos, California
Riverside Family Justice Center, Riverside, California
Peoria, Illinois Family Justice Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota Family Justice Center
Family Justice Center of Erie County, Buffalo, New York
Irving Family Advocacy Center, Irving, Texas
Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, Tacoma, Washington
International Family Justice Centers

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