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  Agency Name: (011) Department of Justice
  Week End Date: 04/10/09
No. Angency/Bureau TAFS Sub-Account Code (OPTIONAL) Total Obligations Total Gross Outlays
1 (011-21) Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs (15-0402 2009 \ 2010) State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance - Recovery Act   0 0
2 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0411 2009 \ 2010) Violence against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs - Recovery Act   0 0
3 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0412 2009 \ 2010) Community Oriented Policing Services - Recovery Act   $330,040 0
4 (011-14) Department of Justice: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (15-0699 2009 \ 2010) Salaries and Expenses - Recovery Act   0 0
5 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0326 2009 \ 2013) Office of the Inspector General - Recovery Act   0 0

No. Financial and Activity Report (sheet 2 of 2)
Major Completed Actions (Short bulleted list of the major actions taken to date) Major Planned Actions (Short bulleted list of the major planned actions)
1 Office of Justice Programs (OJP) 15_0402: 1) All eligible states and territories (56) submitted applications for the Recovery Act Byrne/JAG state solicitation. 2) 58 of 59 ICACs submitted their Recovery Act applications the April 9th deadline. After the OJJDP conferred with staff from the Arkansas Governorís Office and corrected a misconception, the Arkansas ICAC Task Force stated that they will submit an application on 4/15. 3)169 OJP employees and contractors attended the OIG Grant Fraud training. 4) The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) in coordination with the Office of Communication participated in a conference call with Senator Sessionsí staff and Alabama law enforcement representatives to provide information on the Recovery Act formula and discretionary funding. 5) BJA hosted a conference call with the Alaska State Administrating Agency to provide information on Recovery Act formula and discretionary funding. 6) BJA posted additional Recovery Act FAQs on the BJA Recovery Act webpage. Office of Justice Programs (OJP) 15_0402: 1) Awarding the VOCA Recovery Act Compensation and Assistance formula grants. The timing of the awards depends on the results of the White House notification, but we anticipate that the majority of them will be made no later than April 25.
2 OJP 15_0402 (continued): 7) The Tribal Recovery Act press release and fact sheet was sent to targeted Indian Country media and is available on the OJP Tribal Justice and Safety webpage, along with being in the newsroom section of the OJP website. 8) OJP participated in briefing on Tribal ARRA eligible programs and gave a presentation on the open solicitation for correctional facilities on tribal lands. 9) BJA participated in a conference call hosted by the Ohio Attorney Generalís Office to provide local jurisdictions in Ohio information on Recovery Act Byrne/JAG formula and discretionary funding.  
3 Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) 15_0411: 1) Associate Attorney General Perrelli visited OVW on April 10. He met with Acting Director Pierce and visited with OVW staff during the Recovery Act application processing. 2) OVW participated in a weekly meeting/call with Associate Attorney General Perrelli. 3) The following three Recovery Act solicitations closed on April 8 & 9th: Tribal Coalitions, Tribal Governments and Transitional Housing. As of April 10, OVW has processed the following number of applications: Transitional Housing Ė 536; Tribal Coalitions Ė 13; Tribal Governments - unknown number. OVW will continue to process applications on Monday, April 13. OVW should have an accurate number of applications submitted for each Recovery Act grant program at that time. 4) OIG Special Agent Laura Rousseau conducted the first two of three Grant Fraud Awareness trainings on Recovery Act grantees for OVW staff. 5) OVW attended the DOJ Recovery Act Reporting Requirements working group. Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) 15_0411: 1) Internal review for the Recovery Act Tribal Governments grant program will begin on Tuesday, April 14 and go through Thursday, April 17. 2) External peer review for the Recovery Act Transitional Housing grant program will be held April 20 - 24, 2009. 3) Recovery Act special conditions are now finalized. Award processing will begin for the STOP Formula Grants and State Coalitions grant programs. 4) OVW is working on the DOJ overall Agency-Wide and Program Specific Recovery Act Plans and the Risk Assessment Questionnaire.
4 OVW 15_0411 (continued): 6) OVW Recovery Act Peer Review Team has identified 150 peer reviewers for the Transitional Housing external review and sent the names to the peer review contractor for processing. 7) Convened a conference call to plan for the upcoming Recovery Act Summit for State STOP Formula Grant Administrators and Executive Directors of the State Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions.  
5 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) 15_0412: 1) COPS provided a memorandum to the Associate Attorney Generalís Office seeking approval of the CHRP Application scoring methodology. 2) COPS and OIG staff are working together to deliver CHRP fraud-prevention training. 3) COPS staff replied to congressional inquiries regarding CHRP eligibility and funding categories from the following offices: Rep. Rush Holt; Rep. John Hall; Rep. Linda Sanchez; Senator Levin; Senator Ben Nelson. 4) COPS staff participated in a conference call with officials from the City of Columbus, Ohio regarding the CHRP application. 5) COPS Staff participated in a conference call with law enforcement officials in Alabama. The conference call was hosted by Senator Jeff Sessions. 6) As of Friday morning, COPS has received 2,762 applications and 3,670 applications have been started. This represents a request for over 26,000 officer positions. COPS 15_0412: 1) The COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) application deadline is 12:00 AM EST on April 14th. 2) In anticipation of the CHRP application deadline, the COPS Office has extended the hours of our Response Center on Monday 4/13/09 and Tuesday 4/14/09 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 3) COPS Staff will participate in a conference call on April 13th with law enforcement officials in the 7th District of New Jersey at the request of Rep Lance.
6 Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) 15_0699: 1) ATF will use the contract of either State Department or the Secret Service to obtain armored vehicles, as those agencies regularly purchase armored vehicles and can assist in the technical evaluation of vendorsí products. ATF 15_0699: 1) ATF to award contract for vehicle purchases by the end of April 2009 2) ATF and GSA to identify rent costs for gunrunner teams in GSA leased space