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  Agency Name: (011) Department of Justice
  Week End Date: 04/17/09
No. Angency/Bureau TAFS Sub-Account Code (OPTIONAL) Total Obligations Total Gross Outlays
1 (011-21) Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs (15-0402 2009 \ 2010) State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance - Recovery Act   0 0
2 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0411 2009 \ 2010) Violence against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs - Recovery Act   $4,553 0
3 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0412 2009 \ 2010) Community Oriented Policing Services - Recovery Act   $336,727 0
4 (011-14) Department of Justice: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (15-0699 2009 \ 2010) Salaries and Expenses - Recovery Act   0 0
5 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0326 2009 \ 2013) Office of the Inspector General - Recovery Act   0 0

No. Financial and Activity Report (sheet 2 of 2)
Major Completed Actions (Short bulleted list of the major actions taken to date) Major Planned Actions (Short bulleted list of the major planned actions)
1 Office of Justice Programs (OJP) 15_0402: 1) On April 17, 2009, OJP informed OMB that we are prepared to make the Recovery Act VOCA Compensation and Formula awards, a total of $95 million, to the States and Territories. 2) The Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Stemming from the Southern Border solicitation closed on April 17. We received 237 applications. 3) The Office of Administration held an Industry Day on April 17 for 26 vendors interested in bidding on the Recovery Act support contract for the Office of the CFO. 4) All eligible ICAC task forces (59) submitted applications for the formula awards. 5) The OJP website has an on-line training tool that provides applicants and grantees step-by-step instructions to complete various functions within the web-based Community Partnership Grants Management System. Our typical usage is about 2,000 visits per month. In March 2009, we had 7,255 visits. The increase of 5,000 visits is attributable to Recovery Act activity. OJP 15_0402: 1) Begin awarding Byrne/JAG grants to states and territories.
2 OJP 15_0402 (continued): 6) The OJP Senior Advisor for Tribal Affairs, along with staff from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, hosted a 1.5 hour national DOJ Tribal Recovery Act solicitations webinar/teleconference session with the majority of the session focused on the Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands. 7) OJP’s tribal senior advisor participated in the Interagency Indian Affairs Executive Working Group monthly meeting hosted by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP). One of the agenda items was a discussion of opportunities for collaboration and coordination on Recovery Act outreach, training, and technical assistance for tribes. 8) An OCOM employee participated in a Recovery Act workshop for approximately 60 law enforcement personnel in Trenton, NJ at the request of Representative Rush Holt. 9) OCOM and BJA employees participated in a Recovery Act conference call with staff from NJ Representative Lance’s office.  
3 Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) 15_0411: 1) Applications received by OVW for the Recovery Act Tribal Coalitions, Tribal Governments and Transitional Housing grant programs have been processed. OVW received the following: Tribal Coalitions - 23 applications; Tribal Governments - 91 applications; Transitional Housing - 561 applications. 2) Internal review for Tribal Coalitions is complete. 3) Internal review for Tribal Governments is in process and will be completed on Tuesday, April 21. OVW 15_0411: 1) Peer review for Transitional Housing is being held April 20 - 24, 2009: 520 applications were sent to peer review; over $250,000,000 in funding was requested; it is anticipated that OVW will be able to support approximately 125 grant awards. 2) OVW is meeting with individuals from OJP today to finalize the special conditions for grant awards. Once this issue is resolved, OVW will begin processing awards for the STOP Formula and State Coalitions grant programs. Awards will be made on a rolling basis and will be completed by June 1, 2009. 3) OVW will begin reviewing budgets for Tribal Coalitions and Tribal Governments internally and will submit them to OC for review and clearance. This is an on-going process, which will take several weeks.
4 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) 15_0412: 1) The COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) application closed on April 14th. 7,263 applications were received for 39,314 officer positions, which represents a total of $8.342 billion in funding requests. 2) The Deputy Attorney General met with COPS to discuss the memorandum to the Associate Attorney General’s Office seeking approval of the CHRP Application scoring methodology. The category weighting percentages have been finalized. 3) The application vetting, data analysis, and application review process began following the application closing and will be conducted on a rolling basis throughout the summer. COPS 15_0412: 1) COPS Staff will meet with the OIG on April 21 to discuss risk management and application scoring.
5 Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) 15_0699: 1) ATF issued a broadcast to all employees containing OMB’s guidance on communications with lobbyists on the usage of Recovery Act funding and posted the guidance on ATF’s Intraweb. ATF 15_0699: 1) ATF is drafting an interagency agreement to use another agency’s contract for the purchase of vehicles. 2) ATF will identify employees that are most likely to come in contact with lobbyists in the course of ATF’s usage of Recovery Act funds, and will conduct a one hour training to employees in those office on OMB’s guidance. 3) OPM will conduct the ATF Special Agent exam in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico on April 27 and in Miami, Florida on May 1. Applicants who pass this exam will form the pool for the hire of new agents under the Recover Act.