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  Agency Name: (011) Department of Justice
  Week End Date: 04/24/09
No. Angency/Bureau TAFS Sub-Account Code (OPTIONAL) Total Obligations Total Gross Outlays
1 (011-21) Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs (15-0402 2009 \ 2010) State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance - Recovery Act   $398,124,898 0
2 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0411 2009 \ 2010) Violence against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs - Recovery Act   $458,717 0
3 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0412 2009 \ 2010) Community Oriented Policing Services - Recovery Act   $351,855 $15,128
4 (011-14) Department of Justice: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (15-0699 2009 \ 2010) Salaries and Expenses - Recovery Act   0 0
5 (011-XX) Department of Justice - No Specific Bureau (15-0326 2009 \ 2013) Office of the Inspector General - Recovery Act   0 0

No. Financial and Activity Report (sheet 2 of 2)
Major Completed Actions (Short bulleted list of the major actions taken to date) Major Planned Actions (Short bulleted list of the major planned actions)
1 Office of Justice Programs (OJP) 15_0402: 1) The Attorney General announced $95 million in Recovery Act VOCA compensation and assistance awards at the Crime Victim Right’s Week Award ceremony on 4/24/09. The grantees received notice of their awards the same day. 2) BJA’s Rural Law Enforcement solicitation closed on 4/22/09, receiving 1,162 applications. 3) BJA, OVC, and OCOM met with an eight member team of representatives from Alaska to provide information about Recovery Act formula and discretionary funding. 4) OJP staff presented Recovery Act information at a Grants workshop in Bowie, MD, sponsored by Representative Steny Hoyer. 5) OJJDP’s Local Youth Mentoring Initiative solicitation closed on 4/20/09, receiving 1,427 applications. 6) OJJDP’s National Youth Mentoring Programs solicitation closed on 4/20/09, receiving 150 applications. 7) On 4/20/09, BJA met with representatives from Monterrey, CA to provide information on Recovery Act formula and discretionary funding opportunities. Also, OJP staff presented OJP 15_0402: 1) OJP will begin making the state and local Byrne/JAG awards this week and they will continue on a rolling basis until completed. 2) The Byrne Discretionary solicitation closes on April 27, 2009 at 8 pm.
2 OJP 15_0402 (continued): presented Recovery Act information at a Grant workshop sponsored by Representative Rick Boucher in Wytheville, VA. 8) OJP held several webinars with the tribes concerning the Tribal Construction solicitation which closes on 5/4/09. 9) BJA’s Combating Criminal Narcotic Activity stemming from the Southern Border of the Untied States closed at 8 pm on 4/17/09, receiving 237 applications.  
3 Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) 15_0411: 1) Transitional Housing Peer Review was conducted April 20 - 24, 2009. 520 applications were sent to peer review. OVW will begin processing scores next week. It is anticipated that OVW will make approximately 100 - 125 awards under the Transitional Housing Grant Program. 2) Internal review for Tribal Governments is complete. 3) OVW is in the process of making funding decisions for the Tribal Coalitions grant program. The Tribal Program Manager is scheduled to meet with the OVW Acting Director to propose funding recommendations. 4) OVW is currently reviewing budgets for the State Coalitions Grant Program. 5) OVW is currently processing awards for the STOP Formula Grant Program. OVW 15_0411: 1) OVW will have 32 STOP Formula Grant awards ready to announce next week.
4 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) 15_0412: 1) The COPS Office received requests to extend the deadline for the CHRP application from potential grantees and two requests to reopen the application to update application data. 2) The Executive Management Team decided to allow eight updated submissions for issues outside of the applicant agency’s control. 3) We identified and finalized the list of agencies whose CHRP applications will require data confirmation and validation, of which there are 1,578 and trained staff on how to efficiently and properly contact the CHRP applicants. COPS 15_0412: 1) Application vetting for the COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) will begin. 2) Application review for data confirmation and validation of CHRP application continues.
5 Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) 15_0699: ATF 15_0699: 1) ATF has prepared an interagency agreement to use another agency’s contract for the purchase of vehicles, and intends to obligate the funds for this purchase by the end of April 2009. 2) ATF will identify employees that are most likely to come in contact with lobbyists in the course of ATF’s usage of Recovery Act funds, and will conduct a one hour training to employees in those office on OMB’s guidance. The first session will be held during the week of April 27. 3) OPM will conduct the ATF Special Agent exam in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico on April 27 and in Miami, Florida on May 1. Applicants who pass this exam will form the pool for the hire of new agents under the Recovery Act.