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About Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees

Presidential, noncareer SES, limited term SES, and Schedule C employees who resign by request or are separated due to a change in agency leadership or as a result of the transition to a new Presidential administration may be eligible for Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE). Unemployment compensation is provided through the State in which the individual’s last official duty station is located. Benefit levels and eligibility requirements vary from State to State. For further information about UCFE requirements and benefits, contact the specific State Workforce Agency listed at
Whether an individual’s resignation is requested or not requested may affect entitlement to unemployment compensation. Resigning before receiving a request to resign is generally considered an unprompted resignation and is not usually viewed as sufficient for unemployment compensation purposes. To assure that State Workforce Agencies are aware that the separation by request is due to a change in Presidential administrations or agency leadership, it is important that this reason be clearly indicated on the SF-50. Individuals are advised to provide a copy of the request for resignation to the State Workforce Agency when filing.

Dislocated Worker Services

These employees may also be eligible for dislocated worker services, including retraining and placement assistance, which are funded through Department of Labor grants. Benefits and eligibility requirements vary from State to State. For more information about dislocated workers, visit


The law of the State (under which the claim is filed) determines benefit amounts, number of weeks benefits can be paid, and other eligibility conditions.

Filing a Claim

You should contact your state unemployment agency as soon as possible after becoming unemployed:

Employment Resources

The Department of Labor web site offers a variety of employment information (job offerings, resume/interview tips, education and training resources) at the following web site:

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