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General Program Information

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General Program Information

Victim's Resources Links - Health Resources

New York City HealthStat Phoneline
(888) NYC-6116
(888) 692-9900 (TTY)
Eligible Victims
Residents of NYC.
Assistance Offered
Information on how to qualify and apply for Medicaid.

Virginia Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund
(800) 552-4007
(804) 378-3434
Eligible Victims
Pentagon attack victims and their families.
Assistance Offered
Financial assistance and reimbursements with victim-related expenses, e.g., funerals, medical, counseling, lost wages, loss of support.

State of New York Individual & Family Grant Program
(866) 346-0348
Eligible Victims
WTC attack victims and their families.
Assistance Offered
Reimbursement program through FEMA to help with air purifiers, air filters, and other problems/costs with residencies as a result of the attacks.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(212) 876-7700 ext.4738
Eligible Victims
Relatives and friends of attack victims who have left pets and need help taking care of them.
Assistance Offered
Foster care and veterinary assistance for pets of all September 11th attack victims.

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