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Albania: First Director Appointed for ICITAP-Supported National Bureau of Investigation

On July 30, Deputy General Director of the Albanian State Police Aida Hajnaj (in photo) was appointed first Director of the newly-formed National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The U.S. Embassy issued a statement celebrating this a major milestone in the implementation of justice reform, noting it will not be easy, quick or perfect, but it is necessary, and must continue.  ICITAP Albania will conduct the approved five-day NBI Director training program after which the NBI will formally “launch” at the start of September.  Once selected, vetted, and hired, NBI Investigators will undergo training in four distinct phases, of which Phase One (four weeks) is an induction course that will be provided in Albania by ICITAP, and Phase Two (four weeks), coordinated and facilitated by ICITAP, which will focus on core investigation skills, and is anticipated to be provided in 2021 at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia – COVID-19 permitting. For statement from U.S. Embassy Tirana:

Updated August 11, 2023