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Benin: ICITAP Concludes Mission With Significant Police Development Action

On September 28, ICITAP concluded its three-year mission in Cotonou, following a series of significant actions that will contribute to the continued development of the newly formed Republican Police (RP). With support from and in partnership with the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), ICITAP played a critical role in the creation of Benin’s Republican Police, which began operation on January 1, 2018, following the merger of the former national police and the ex-national gendarmerie of Benin. On September 20, ICITAP participated in a final handover ceremony of 1,000 police ethics manuals to the RP. The donated instructor’s manual discusses the difference between ethics and deontology, and applies them both to every aspect of a police officer’s responsibilities to discharge better police services to the population and deliver more credible criminal investigations to prosecutors. The deontology, or rules by which the police officer has to abide, include the Code of Conduct expected from all RP officers (on duty and off duty) and the sanctions he/she will face for failing to do so. The manual will be issued to all departmental directors who have attended ICITAP’s “train-the-trainer” events. The RP directors have been asked to use this manual to deliver train-the-trainer sessions to their unit chiefs, who, in turn, will be responsible for using it to instruct their subordinates.

Updated August 11, 2023