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ICITAP: Kosovo Community Safety Action Team Publication Launched

On July 17, ICITAP launched its publication “Community Safety Action Teams: A Catalyst for Improving Community-Police Relations in Kosovo” on the ICITAP website. In this publication, five graduate students from American University researched and documented the implementation and impact of the Kosovo Community Safety Action Teams (CSAT), which have helped Kosovo improve community-police relations, ease ethnic tensions, and facilitate community-building projects. CSATs create a forum for communities to identify issues in their localities and develop plans to address those concerns. The goal of the CSAT project is to encourage interaction between community leaders and members, municipal officials, and the Kosovo Police (KP) in order to create cooperative working relationships on issues of crime, safety, and livability. ICITAP provided mentoring, advice, and training to build the CSAT project into a sustainable good governance project that operates in 36 of Kosovo’s 38 municipalities. Special thanks to the ICITAP-Kosovo mission, ICITAP’s Strategic Partnerships and Training Unit (SPTU), DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and American University for making this publication come to life. To access the 40-page publication:   

Updated August 11, 2023