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ICITAP Partners with Army War College to Help Align Security Cooperation Lines of Effort

On October 17, ICITAP met with senior faculty from the Army War College’s Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) at ICITAP HQ in Washington, DC. Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, PKSOI serves as the US Army’s Center of Excellence for Stability and Peace Operations at the Strategic and Operational levels in order to improve military, civilian agency, international, and multinational capabilities and execution. PKSOI is responsible for shaping U.S. government policy and concept/doctrine development; enhancing senior leader proficiency; facilitating joint, interagency, and multinational unity of purpose; and supporting planning, preparation, and execution of stability and peace operations. The four-hour meeting allowed both agencies to cover new developments in the area of security cooperation as well as possibilities for greater collaboration between PKSOI and ICITAP. One of the takeaways from the meeting was definitional: “Security Cooperation” – using Joint Publication 3-20 Security Cooperation definition – includes "all programs, interactions, and activities with foreign security forces and their institutions," which covers much of what ICITAP is doing with DOD’s partners and allies. This dove-tails into the current thinking with respect to the Army Strategy - "strengthen our alliances and partnerships" and "to help develop international institutions to provide stability and security."

Updated August 11, 2023