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Indonesia: ICITAP Helps Strengthen National Police Commitment to Community Engagement

On August 28, the ICITAP-Indonesia mission reported that the Chief of the South Sulawesi Police Department, and a member of the Indonesia National Police (INP) Reorganization Working Group, provided the Patrol New Paradigm Training. The Chief started within the working group as the member representing the Commissioned Police Officer’s Academy (AKPOL). He was actively involved in the development of the training for senior students of AKPOL last year. When asked why he did the Patrol New Paradigm Training, he explained that he basically does not have enough manpower and vehicles to carry out the patrol effectively, but he agrees to all of the changes the working group has initiated. He enthusiastically reminds his subordinates that he wants patrol to be performed effectively with a community-oriented approach, and he wants his subordinates to see that their job will be easier when patrol can be implemented correctly.  The training involved 50 male personnel, who came from 10 Polseks (small precincts), and four teams consisting of one male and two females’ teams from other Polres (large precinct level). The Chief set up four scenarios for each team: a traffic accident, a social awareness situation, a street crime investigation, and a detention that led to a vehicle search. The Chief said that, despite several mistakes made during the scenarios, each mistake was a learning moment. The majority of the trainees are experienced personnel, who receive very little training to update their skills and knowledge. The Chief commented that it is a good sign that all of the trainees were enthusiastic and energetic about the new skills and philosophies they were learning. In Indonesia, ICITAP works with the support of and the support of the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Updated August 11, 2023