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Indonesia: ICITAP-Mentored Colonel to Lead Indonesian National Police Woman’s Police Academy

On May 13, the ICITAP-Indonesia mission reported that an ICITAP-Mentored Indonesia National Police (INP) Colonel has been assigned to lead the INP Women’s Police Academy. The INP Colonel has partnered with ICITAP-Indonesia’s mission since 2018 as part of the Indonesian National Patrol Reorganization (INPR) Project working group. The working group was formed to create a new patrol paradigm by utilizing new curriculum within the police education structure. This engagement was a continuing effort from the ICITAP-INPR Project, after finishing the formation of Patrol New Paradigm Regulation, and the socialization within INP patrol services in 2017. The Colonel’s hard work, openness to initiate needed change, and her support to make all of the working group meetings possible, finish the work product on time, and implement the curriculum immediately greatly assisted the project. ICITAP-Indonesia looks forward to working with the Colonel in her new role and assisting her in implementing the new paradigm she learned from the INPR program.

Updated August 11, 2023