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Indonesia: ICITAP-Supported National Police Forensics Bureau Opens New Headquarters

On November 6, the new Indonesia National Police (INP) Forensic Bureau headquarters was officially opened by the INP Commissioner General of the Criminal Investigation Division. During his remarks, the Commissioner General emphasized the importance of increased professionalism, expertise and capabilities of the forensics bureau, the necessity of absolute integrity required during forensic testing to maintain trust and the paradigm shift away from using a confessional based approach to a more scientific based approach of evidence collection and examination to establish guilt. The general recognized and thanked ICITAP for its support over the years to reach over 50% completion for full accreditation of the laboratories across Indonesia. The new forensic facility is located in Sentul, just outside Jakarta and is a full-service forensics laboratory consisting of approximately 20,000 sqm to include testing facilities, living accommodations for staff and a mosque. ICITAP is collaborating and guiding the INP forensics bureau to reach full accreditation for all of their laboratories and has been fully supported by INL during this process.

Updated August 11, 2023