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Kosovo: ICITAP Facilitates Building Self-Sustaining Correctional Service

On November 1, ICITAP-Kosovo’s Senior Corrections Advisor (left in photo) and the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) General Director (right in photo) concluded their participation at the 21st Annual International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The focus at this year’s conference was Strengthening Correctional Cornerstones: Rights, Dignity, Safety and Support. Building a fully functioning, credible, effective and self-sustaining correctional system is key to ICITAP’s success in Kosovo. Implementing strategies learned at this six-day conference will support the ICITAP goal of building a fully functioning, credible, effective and self-sustaining correctional service. Sessions attended had broadened director’s perspective that: investing in staff for sustainability in very important; the science behind risk and needs assessments is critical and the improbability of successful reintegration if you are not running a humane system.  There was an ICPA interview of the KCS GD and ICITAP senior advisor to learn from their perspective the benefits of attending the conference. The week was rounded out with a tour of the high security prison where housing units and one workshop were observed.  Attendance at this conference has led to numerous networking opportunities for moving KCS forward. Post-conference connections have already been made. A key ICITAP priority is to ensure that the professionalization of corrections and prison institutions incorporates a holistic approach to justice sector reform such that corrections institutions work seamlessly within the system of the administration of justice, counter extremism through prevention and rehabilitation, and operate in adherence with local laws with a focus on human rights and dignity.

Updated August 11, 2023