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Kosovo: ICITAP Recognized at the Kosovo Police’s Anniversary Ceremony

On September 6, the Kosovo Police (KP) commemorated their 19th anniversary with a ceremony attended by the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs, Director of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, Director of the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, international delegations from South America and Africa, and several members of ICITAP-Kosovo. In his remarks, the Kosovo Police General Director expressed his appreciation to the international agencies, specifically ICITAP, which was instrumental in the founding of the KP in 1999. Over the past 19 years, ICITAP has played a critical role in the training, mentoring, and equipping of the KP, which has grown steadily. By 2004, the KP reached its planned full size of nearly 7,000 officers. As of 2010, it has around 9,000 employees. About 90% of Kosovo Police officers are ethnic Albanians while 10% are ethnic minorities of mostly Serbian background.

Updated August 11, 2023