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Forward Momentum at The Office of Justice Programs

The following blog post appears courtesy of Laurie O. Robinson, Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs Fiscal year 2009 was a watershed for the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). A new President and a new Attorney General took office during a recession that threatened vital public safety services in many communities. With funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, OJP was able to help law enforcement departments, victim assistance organizations, and other criminal and juvenile justice agencies hire and retain staff. This funding, as well as funds from fiscal year 2009 appropriations, allowed the Office of Justice Programs to make more than twice the number of grants awarded in the previous fiscal year, exponentially increasing the assistance provided to communities across the country.Our annual report details the commitment to outreach, collaboration, innovative approaches, evidence-based programs and practices and careful stewardship of the funds entrusted to OJP by Congress and the American people. Each chapter includes highlights of accomplishments that were funded by fiscal year 2009 appropriations and by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Each chapter also provides real world examples that demonstrate how OJP programs have made a positive difference in the lives of Americans.In FY 2009, through a series of listening sessions and regular consultations with our partners in the field, we reestablished important relationships with our state, local, and tribal stakeholders. We also made great strides in ensuring the central role of science in criminal and juvenile justice, and launched a new Evidence Integration Initiative to help instill a focus on data-driven approaches across the agency—and the field. One of our primary goals was to ensure transparency and accountability in all stages of the grants process. Our office is working to fulfill our duties to the American taxpayers and our partners in the field through principles of diligence, fairness, and openness. The strong commitment of this Administration, this Department of Justice, and OJP to the safety of America’s communities should be evident in this report and I am pleased to share it with you. We are moving forward, and our momentum is strong. For more information on our work, download and read the full report (PDF).
Updated April 7, 2017