Decree Enforcement and Compliance Unit

The Decree Enforcement and Compliance Unit was established in August 2020. For civil settlements, the office has primary responsibility for enforcing judgments and oversight regarding the selection and supervision of monitors. For criminal matters, the office works with the criminal sections on the evaluation and promotion of effective compliance programs and provides counsel to the Assistant Attorney General in the review of monitor recommendations.

The office liaises closely with Division attorneys, monitors, and compliance officers to ensure the effective implementation of, and compliance with, judgments and compliance programs designed to deter future antitrust violations. Additionally, the office is the Division’s primary contact for whistleblowers or complainants who have information regarding potential violations of civil judgments. Any such concerns should be reported to

August 20, 2020

Press Release: Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Announces Re-Organization of the Antitrust Division's Civil Enforcement Program

July 11, 2019

Press Release: Antitrust Division Announces New Policy to Incentivize Corporate Compliance

April 19, 2018

Speech: Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Delivers Keynote Address at the University of Chicago's Antitrust and Competition Conference


Lawrence Reicher, Chief

Updated October 25, 2021

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