Ag Workshops: Initial Comments Listed by Topic

The Antitrust Division and the Department of Agriculture issued a call for public comments when they announced their plan to hold a number of workshops on competition issues in agriculture. Over 15,000 comments from farmers, consumers, academics, elected officials, and industry organizations were submitted.

This page contains the initial comments, listed by topic.

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American Independent Dairy Alliance
California Farmers Union & California Dairy Campaign
Jean-Paul Chavas (University of Wisconsin)
Dean Foods
Manuela Dias
Clark Hinsdale
International Dairy Foods Association
Pat Kilsdonk
National Milk Producers Federation
Bill Rowell
Art Silva
Christine Sukalski
Vermont Senate Committee on Agriculture
John Vetne
Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
Philip Witmer
Bryan Wolfe


American Antitrust Institute
American Seed Trade Association
American Soybean Association
Gary Callahan
Chad Dane
Tommy Dell
DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Farmer to Farmer Campaign
Guanming Shi (University of Wisconsin)
Indepedent Professional Seed Association
International Center for Law and Economics
Iowa Farmers Union
Pam Johnson
Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway
Louis Kuster
Monsanto Company
Keith Mudd
National Corn Growers Association
Organic Seed Alliance
Richard R. Oswald
Pesticide Action Network North America
Virginia Delegate Lynwood Lewis


14 State Attorneys General
American Farm Bureau Federation
Trudy Bialic
Peter Carstensen (University of Wisconsin)
Food & Water Watch
Joseph T. Hansen (United Food and Commercial Workers International Union)
National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
National Farmers Union
Netherlands Competition Authority
Organization for Competitive Markets
Richard R. Oswald
Wisconsin Farmers Union


American Meat Institute
Brian Buhr (University of Minnesota)
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation
David Domina
Global Development and Environment Institute
Iowa Attorney General's Office
Pat Kilsdonk
Stephen Koontz (Colorado St. University)
Alan Lewis
Robert Martin
Jon T. McConaughy
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
National Meat Association
National Pork Producers Council
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Gerald Schreiber
Gilles Stockton
United States Cattlemen's Association
Clem Ward (Oklahoma State University)
Western Organization of Resource Councils


Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform
Michael Dicks (Oklahoma State University)
Roy Fortenberry
Mark Jenner
Many Organizations
Carole Morison
National Chicken Council
National Turkey Federation

Note: The Division makes every effort to reproduce comments accurately on this Web site. We converted some comments into text using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then tested for accuracy. Nevertheless, some differences may exist between the original document and the text version on this Web site. The PDF images of these documents most accurately reflect the original submissions; we provide an HTML or an accessible PDF version for browsing, accessibility, and searching. Due to public demand, some comments may appear on our Web site before the availability of an accessible version. If you have accessibility concerns or require assistance, send an e-mail to Include your contact information and the comment Web address (URL) and identify the content in question.

Updated July 22, 2015

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