Ag Workshops: Master Index of Public Comments

The Antitrust Division and the Department of Agriculture issued a call for public comments when they announced their plan to hold a number of workshops on competition issues in agriculture. Over 15,000 comments from farmers, consumers, academics, elected officials, and industry organizations were submitted.

This page contains links to 16 index pages of comments. Each index page contains up to 1,000 comments, listed by comment number (AGW number).

To view comments listed by the name or e-mail address of the submitter, go to the alphabetical list of individuals or entities who submitted comments.

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Note: The Division makes every effort to reproduce comments accurately on this Web site. We converted some comments into text using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then tested for accuracy. Nevertheless, some differences may exist between the original document and the text version on this Web site. The PDF images of these documents most accurately reflect the original submissions; we provide an HTML or an accessible PDF version for browsing, accessibility, and searching. Due to public demand, some comments may appear on our Web site before the availability of an accessible version. If you have accessibility concerns or require assistance, send an e-mail to Include your contact information and the comment Web address (URL) and identify the content in question.

Updated July 24, 2015

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