Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-01461

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Comment Number: AGW-01461

From: Kate Ryan
Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 9:58 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: comment

Dear People:
I understand the Department of Justice is going to be holding workshops to discuss the affect large agribusiness is having on our nations food supply and the state of agriculture throughout the world.  I recently saw the movie FOOD INC and a documentary about Monsanto. 
FOOD INC showed me that large agribusiness is probably the cause for the many recent ecoli deaths in the nation and the fact that so many people in this country are obese.  The use of corn sweetner in so many foods is appalling.  The way animals are treated when under the control of large agribusiness is dreadful.  
The documentary about Monsanto was even more disturbing.  The fact that they are patenting seeds throughout the world is certainly something that is unjust.  It is also incredibly scary for the human race.  Having a monoculture of seeds is extremely unwise.  Their use of seeds that stand up to their Roundup pesticide and that also have a terminator gene in them is putting farmers around the world dependent on just Monsanto seed.  Many farmers in India committed suicide because they were no longer able to save their seed and did not have enough money to buy more seed from Monsanto.  This company is a danger to humanity!
Large agribusiness is also the main reason for the problems the dairy industry is having at present - & in fact the problems it has had for a long time now.  The milk pricing system is geared to large ag & small family farms are suffering.  I understand Dean Foods is quite possibly the main culprit regarding dairy and is quite likely manipulating milk prices. I hope you will look into this.  I live in Delaware County NY in which most farms are dairy farms.  These farms are the backbone of our county's economy.  Many of them are about to go out of business because of the drastic drop in milk prices for the farmers although there is no drop in prices at the store.  This is unjust.
I hope you will look into all these issues.  I know I don't write eloquently but I know when something is unjust when I see it.  I hope you can bring about some justice in agriculture - one of the most important businesses for all mankind.      
Kate Ryan
87 Sal Bren Rd
Delhi NY 13753
606 746 6503
Updated April 7, 2016

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