Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13059

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Comment Number: AGW-13059

From: Tamera Brown
Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2009 11:04 AM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: corporation control over food supply


My name is Tamera Brown.  I am a 42 year old mother and physical education/health teacher.  Ever since I read the book "Fast Food Nation", I have made it my mission to teach children about nutrition.  I have developed a year-long, third grade health curriculum focused solely on nutrition.  The topics covered are: learning the macro and micronutrients, learning to read labels, food vs. food products, conventional vs. organic farming, slow food movement, understanding advertising, and ultimately, being able to make sound, healthy food decisions based on what they have learned, not what is stated on a label or in a tv ad.  
I find it so incredibly sad and difficult that I have to try to explain to third graders that their food is not grown on a small farm by sweet Old McDonald.  These are complicated business dealings that even I don't understand completely.  Every single person has a right to know where their food comes from, what is in it, and how it was grown.  With huge (no pun intended!) obesity rates and soaring healthcare costs, there is a movement for people to take responsibility for their health.  It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do that if you cannot determine what is in your food and where it came from!
Of course corporations like Monsanto don't want this information to come out.  They have invested millions in building their kingdoms.  But how long is our government going to work for them and not the people?  The people of this country have a deep seeded distrust of you.  This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that your loyalties lie with the people!
All I am asking is that you give people the information necessary to make decisions regarding their own health.  If all things are equal and the public decides to continue to buy mass produced products with little safety oversight, then so be it.  But everyone deserves the opportunity to make that decision for themselves.
Thank you so much for listening to my comments and for taking the time to look into this critical issue (while you are at it, can you look at those ridiculous veggie libel laws??).
Tamera Brown
Physical Education/Health Teacher
St. James' Episcopal School
625 S. St. Andrews Place
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Updated January 11, 2018

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