Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13193

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Comment Number: AGW-13193

From: Endo Candelstiva
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 11:29 AM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comments

Hello. I am writing to you today because I believe that the time has come for revolutionary change in the United States, mainly in regard to the way that our government and our people use toxic chemicals in their everyday lifestyles, and the way that all chemicals and drugs are regulated. People wonder why they are getting serious diseases and why their quality of life is suffering all around. Most people just assume that the government has their best interests in mind, the way the United States was when it followed the words of the Constitution, which was based on a sense of human rights and in the efforts of creating a just society, by the people for the people. If only they knew the truth. Now, the government and corporations are an entirely separate entity (most of the time one entity) from the people, and the people are being oppressed by this big-profit machine regime, worldwide. We are rapidly approaching a time where the earth can no longer handle the levels of pollution that mainly the Western world has emitted into it. Agriculture and industry is using chemicals, eg., in the creation of plastics and pesticides, mainly derived from petroleum, mainly extracted and produced using petroleum-driven machinery, and mainly exported by means of fossil fuels, and keeping the people who are actually using these chemicals ignorant and purposely wrongfully informed about the true health hazards that are to come from their use. These companies like Monsanto think that people will never find out how harmful these chemicals are, and how harmful their genetically modified crops meant to resist the application of their best selling pesticide, glyphosate a.k.a. Roundup, are, and they reap huge profits from their use, so they are biding their time, banking big, until somebody or some law not only figures it out, but is powerful enough to stop them.

The use of gasoline is also the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people and the people of the world. Electricity does not have to be tied to environmental problems! Technology and advances in transportation can continue without the use of petroleum, coal, propane, butane, or methane. We need to take the toxic chemicals out of our country in order to maintain our infrastucture and comfort of living to an extent and in order to be able to survive on the earth. If we do not evolve and make these changes ourselves, we may find that natural disaster destroys our civilizations entirely. It will be a whole lot easier to switch out petroleum-and coal based electric infrastructure with renewable energy than to rebuild entire cities. Farming does not need toxic groundwater, air, and soil pollutants, leaving toxic residues on foods and giving cancer to farmers, in order to grow food. It never has and never will- it is only our own ignorance, laziness and greediness that has allowed things to become as bad as they are. Cars don't need petrol to run, refrigerators and HVAC units do not need toxic PCB containing Monsanto-produced coolants and chemicals to run, food does not need preservative chemicals and irradiation and pesticides to be eaten, and cannabis does not need to be considered "too dangerous for the people to be allowed to use." The sooner we take the dirty, toxic chemicals out of the equation, the sooner we will take our place again as the righteous world leader, and we will restore our country back to a place where quality matters, not just profit, where we respect the earth as we did in the past, and once again are able to drink clean water and breathe clean air.

To go back to the question of illegal substances, who gave the government the right to determine what is "contraband" in a free country in the first place? By definition, THERE IS NO CONTRABAND IN A FREE COUNTRY. The government cannot illegalize A SEED or an entire plant, which has been used by humans since antiquity, while allowing a seed modified by the hands of an evil corporation, never before grown on the earth, without any idea as to the health consequences to humans and the consequences to the biodiversity of all plants, to not only be used without any regulation but actually promotionally advertised and sold to farmers in a forceful manner.   But we all know that the illegalization of cannabis was unconstitutional from the very beginning, and that the only reason that it has become what it is today is due to a long line of corrupt government administrations and people who could do nothing to stop them. It is used it as a method to keep the ignorant people more ignorant, stupid and blind to the tyranny being created around them and to make money off of arresting people and controlling the flow of import and export. Hemp threatened petroleum in the fuel, paper, fabric, and plastic industry. Marijuana was never, unlike opium, alcohol, and tobacco, called upon for regulation by the people. Instead, it was the government who created propaganda to introduce people to marijuana and tell them what they wanted them to believe about it. In essence, the government popularized marijuana, because before that point, most people had never even heard of it. It was only used by the artists and intellectuals of society. Hemp and marijuana are arguably good for the human body and certainly the growing of any plant is good for the air quality, reducing CO2 levels, and for developing renewable resources. But instead, our government uses toxic pesticides to kill hemp plants growing wild in the countryside (that for argument's sake isn't even the psychoactive cannabis!) Maybe there is a connection between countries that have good environmental policies, good health care, and also have legalized marijuana. It is only a part of the process of waking up America to the lies that its government has perpetrated domestically and worldwide, putting our name on. I do not support our government. I do not support a system that wants to keep the people stupid and sick for the purposes of making money off of health care and jails. After all, expose the people to toxic chemicals in their food, in the air on the roads, in the water, etc., and then charge them their life's savings for the medicine to cure the diseases, well it's a perfect plan for complete control. That's what these people want, and I will do anything in my power to stop them. I may be only a 21-year-old girl living in south Florida, but I will have a hand in the revolution. This is not the planet that my child will be raised on. I will not leave these problems for the next generation to handle. The time has come for MY generation to do something.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

Sincerely, Endo.

Endo Candelstiva

,  33325

Updated April 7, 2016

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