Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13298

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Comment Number: AGW-13298

From: lawrence eyre
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 9:09 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Corporate Control of Agriculture

I am a school teacher in Iowa who has several concerns about the
harmful effects of corporate control of agriculture in the United

Why are there no requirements to list pesticides present in the food we eat?

Why is a revolving door between government agencies and regulated
corporations allowed under federal law?

Why is there so little federal policing of confined animal feeding
operations, when CAFOs are demonstrably linked, not only to
environmental pollution, but also to public health hazards?

Why is Monsanto Corporation's systematic destruction of smaller seed
companies and family farms allowed to proceed unchecked by the federal

Thank you for soliciting feedback from American citizens through
December 31, 2009--I hope you will respond soon, and forcefully, to
the abuses resulting from the systematic ransacking of America's farms
and food
at the hands of unregulated agribusiness.

Lawrence Eyre

Updated April 7, 2016

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