Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13553

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Comment Number: AGW-13553

From: Gwenne Allgaier
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 10:21 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Consolidation of our food Supply

There is a revolving door between the FDA and agribusiness, with resulting emphasis on profit rather than the health of our food supply and the health of our population.  How much lower would our health care costs be if we focused on healthy foods rather than just profitable food companies???

PLEASE,  support people over corporate profits!  We have the right to healthy foods in this nation, and it is unconscionable that corporations could strip or restrict this right for their own ends.  Investigate food policies and companies, and support the growth of small farmers, small processors and organic standards.  

Thank you for your attention to this vital matter.

Gwenne Allgaier
123 W Traverse Lk Rd
Maple City, 49664

Updated April 7, 2016

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