Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13679

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Comment Number: AGW-13679

Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 12:17 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Corporate Control over Food Supply

To the Department of Justice concerning corporate control over our food supply:

I would like you to consider and hopefully take action to stop corporate control over our food supply.  We are in a stranglehold that is robbing our society of good, healthy food so that big business can get bigger. 

Locally, I can't get meat processed... good, healthy, grass-fed cows... because local meat markets have been put out of business or limited on what they can do.

The food we get is full of chemicals because it has to have a longer shelf-life and look pretty and those chemicals are affecting our health.

Food companies are making huge profits while we pay more and more at the supermarket.

I helped organize a small-scale local food purchasing co-op just so we can get more contact with local farmers to assure them there are people here that want/need local healthy food, but they are struggling.  One local farmer is almost out of business because he's been caught in the web by the spider of big business farming.  He farmed 700 acres.  You'd think that would be enough, but no.  Huge companies own thousands of acres and are putting him out of business.  

We live in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, once known for it's fresh produce and Texas cattle.  Now, we can't find anything but GMO corn being used to produce fuel instead of healthy grains to feed animals and fresh vegetables to feed our families.  Mexico sends over more produce that we have here and we don't know what kind of chemicals have been sprayed on it.

It feels hopeless to think we can't have healthy foods, locally grown to feed our families.  The Big Business control over my food angers me.   Monsanto, particularly, has too much control over everything from seeds to the table.  It's scary.

Please, please, please... make any changes your can to stop this control and return healthy foods to our tables.

Thank you

Linda Chase

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