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Comment Number: AGW-13826

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Subject: Fw: testimony

Dairymen and Vendors,

Here is Linda Lopes' testimony from the CDFA Emergency Hearing. Please take the time to write your testimony in support of a price increase. Linda has until Thursday to turn in her post-hearing brief which should include all of our supporting testimony. 

I wrote mine and it included my personal story of the struggles I have been facing during this crisis. It can be candid or can include supporting statistics. Just get it done. Please email it to her by Wednesday night at or fax them to me at 209.554.8306.   

Also, there were not enough dairymen and vendors at the Hearing and the CDFA needs to hear from us. Only 3 people spoke on our behalf during the public testimony portion of the Hearing. Rossi Hay, Genske & Mulder, and A.L. Gilbert. While Processors, like Kraft and Nestle were talking of no need to increase the price milk and going as far as saying that dairy farmers could "ride it out."  

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