Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13890

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Comment Number: AGW-13890

From: April Boughton
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:12 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Corporate Control of the Food Supply

Good afternoon,

I recently read that the Department of Justice will hold public hearings regarding the corporate dominance of food and agriculture.   I would like to submit my comments for consideration during these hearings and deliberations.

I am a computer programmer by trade and a farmer by hobby.  We raise our own meat, milk, eggs and vegetables.  We do this because of the lack of true control over the corporate entities that are not-so-slowly, but ever-so-surely taking over our food supply.  The regulations governing these entities are there only to aid them in decreasing the quality and healthfulness of our food while increasing their own profits.

From the practices I have researched and the odd circumstances I have seen, these corporate entities have nothing but the all-mighty dollar as their goal.  Certainly not the quality, nutritional value, sustainability or even sanitation of our food supply.  While there may not be a definite crisis right now, allowing big-Ag to increase its hold on the food supply will lead us to a point where corporations control the totality of our nation’s food and can then hold us hostage.  Anyone who thinks they “would never do that” is either naïve or playing for the wrong side of this debate.  We will watch prices rise and quality continue to fall and will be able to do nothing about it.

While we as a nation look for cheaper and cheaper food, we are playing right into the hands of corporations who use their contracted farmers as slaves and diminish the quality of our food until we are eating reddish plastic instead of tomatoes and genetically modified monsters instead of corn.

The more control corporations gain, the less choice we as consumers will have.  Our current laws certainly favor big Ag and oppress small farmers to a degree that should be unheard of in America, a land where self-sufficiency and hard work is supposed to be honorable.  There’s certainly nothing honorable about big corporations throwing more and more money at lawmakers in order to get these laws passed.  Of course, many of those lawmakers probably used to work for (or will work for in the future) those same corporations. 

At this point in time, I do not trust any regulations that the government passes regarding corporate food production.  From labeling that doesn’t tell the whole story to ingredients that shouldn’t even be IN food to FDA safety tests that are presented with false or missing data all seem to be part and parcel of the way our government is currently working in the interests of companies like Monsanto.  It is absolutely shameful. 



April Boughton

Information Technology

573-431-3856 ext. 312

Updated April 7, 2016

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