Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13893

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Comment Number: AGW-13893

From: Juliet Coleman
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:32 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops

I am a very concerned resident of California with 3 children and do not want my children to be forced to eat genetically modified foods or foods with growth hormones or pesticides or anything that is not natural or sustainable.
I think local farmers are finding it harder and harder to grow organic food because of the outsourcing. They are unable to keep up with the rates of food that comes from other countries and the U.S. because they are mass producing with genetically modifying and using pesticides and God only knows what else not healthy. It is not right that most working class families are forced to eat these types of food because that is all they can afford, If all food was Organic we would not have this problem. It is also not right that we are destroying the land around the world and making people very sick. I have tried to grow my own food this summer and previous summers but unfortunately I rent a house with a very small backyard that does not allow me to grow enough food to last the whole year around.The food I grow taste like it has substance unlike the stuff at the grocery store which has no flavor which one could conclude also has a lack of nutrients which I believe is the cause of everything from depression to cancer. We are literally starving the brain and body of natural nutrients while are stomachs are satisified and are bodies are plumped are brain and organs etc.. aren't getting what they need Instead are getting a bunch of chemicals and stuff that we can not process. It is sad to know that if we do not correct this problem immediately are nation as well as others will not be able to sustain any real life for very much longer after our soil has been destroyed and our plants have been modified so much that they will not produce anymore we will be F$$$$d.
The corporate people wont care a little they wont care for their families nor anyone else as long as they are getting rich. End the madness now I and my children who have nothing to do with this do not want to pay for these hazardous mistakes.
Juliet Coleman

Updated April 7, 2016

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