Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13898

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Comment Number: AGW-13898

Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 4:52 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: "Our" food system

Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you so much for listening to the people.  I am very concerned about the food system as it stands in the USA.  I watched Food Inc. this week and it certainly appears that our food supply is controlled by just a handful of companies.  The definition of a subsidy in Webster's New World Dictionary is "a government grant to a private enterprise considered of benefit to the public".  If this is the case, then organic and sustainable farmers should be the ones receiving the subsidies and tax incentives not these huge corporations.
I buy organic and local foods as much as possible, and avoid any foods which are genetically modified.  I want the best food for my family and this comes at a great financial cost.  I am fortunate that I can buy these foods as many do not have the money to do so.  We need fair and honest labeling on our foods and inspections of these companies who produce the food.  If the government is giving a subsidy to a company for producing food, shouldn't the government have the right to shut them down if they produce contaminated food?  Absolutely.
Again, thank you for listening, and I urge you to take action in giving the people of the USA a safer and healthier food system.
Dawn Williamson 
Updated April 7, 2016

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