Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13934

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Comment Number: AGW-13934

From: Cathy @ Gmail
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:58 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comments for Dept. of Justice

The focus on legislation supporting BigFarms has been enacted at the peril of small farms and our economy.

As an American citizen, I want the right to enter into direct transactions with the farmer of my choice to buy the food of my choice

Currently - 
I have to have my eggs washed - even though it removes the bloom, which keeps them fresh on my countertop without refrigeration. 
I have to have my meat USDA inspected, even though the attocities visited on workers and the animals make my flesh crawl, and has spawned a HUGE and angry vegetarian movement in our country.
I have to have my milk boiled beyond recognition and taste, even though I prefer the taste and health benefits of raw milk.
I have to eat CAFO meat in the local restaurants, because my farmer won't ship his animals 4 hours to the closest USDA inspected plant in order to sell to restaurants.

The laws and regulations behind ALL of these strictures on local agriculture commerce are UN-American, and foisted on the American public as "food safety".

My father fought in three wars to guarantee my liberty. What's come of it?

Corporate farms are destroying the American dinner table and waistline with their substandard food, luring America with low prices....low prices, because the cost of their production is UNDERWRITTEN by our tax dollars.

Underwrite the SMALL farms. Deregularte them. Give the little guy a hand up.  Secure our food supply. We source food from China at our own peril.

My father was a B52 bomber in the Korean conflict. He said the FIRST thing they do in war is to remove the access to food. So, he bombed roads. We need to build a a HUGE network of small local farms to guarantee OUR liberty down the road. We can't have our food in barges over the Gulf of Mexico, in Freighters from China or in 18 wheelers from California.,

We are at risk with the current small-minded, corporate favoring alws.

Cathy Raymond
(703) 499-5511 (cell)

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Updated April 7, 2016

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