Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13965

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Comment Number: AGW-13965

Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 9:11 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Corporations, Food and Government

My word for 2009 is shameful.
Much like the lack of oversight for the financial markets, the same is true for our food "markets". Their is no difference. We are using life for gain. Business and greed have trumped life. And that is shameful.
Food is life. We should be free to grow it and produce it without being subject to all sorts of legal infringement policies set up by the likes of Monsanto. How can we abide corporations like Monsanto to patent seeds - the very genesis of life? How can we abide cruel treatment of farmed animals by an industry so intent on profit that torture is condoned. Oh, silly me - that's the example our GOVERNMENT sets.
The links between government crop subsidy payments, agribusiness and their lobbyists, and senators has evidence available if you will look. The links between the crap on the grocery shelves produced by RJR Nabisco et al and diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease and so on - and big insurance is available if you will look.
Our whole food system is upside down. Please make the effort to set it upright and in the proper motion forward.  We hear from farmers every day begging us - the consumers - to demand a better product. Their promise to us is that if we will demand it, they will deliver.
Move the White Elephant/Behemoths out of the way and let local food production commence. It is sustainable and affordable AND will put people to work. Why make it difficult AND dangerous with all this "roundupready' and 'pesticide laden' shamming scamming food we are ingesting now, which is making us sick and fat.
And these talking points don't even begin to address the poor treatment of illegal immigrants that come to the US hoping to make money in our fields. That is a very shameful situation and the we (the US - who really have no place judging others about their human rights violations) try to BLAME THEM for their situations.
Please, move us from shameful to sustainable and respectful.
Martha F Coulter
421 Palm Avenue
Watsonville, CA  95076
Updated April 7, 2016

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