Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-13981

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Comment Number: AGW-13981

From: Jessica Grano
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:40 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Cc:; Jessica Grano ;;;;
Subject: corporate control of the food supply

I would like to register my opinion as an "average American".  I am a 
mother of 3 young children.  We live in a townhouse in the suburbs.  I 
became interested in what was in my food and where it was coming from 
during my first pregnancy over 6 years ago.  I wanted to grow the 
healthiest baby possible so I started to research the ingredients 
listed on whatever I bought.  SInce then I have read several books and 
watched a few documentaries on the subject of food and where it comes 
from, how it is handled and processed and how the farmers are 
treated.  My response at first was disbelief.  Could this really 
happen in America?  The evidence that this was really happening piled 
up and I eventually, reluctantly began to see it as truth.  The reason 
I say reluctantly is because once this truth is realized I cannot live 
with ignoring it.  What a lot of work it has been trying to protect my 
young children from a contaminated (not to mention corrupted) food 
There are many issues that I see as so unacceptable it simply boggles 
my mind the way food happens in this country.
1) Under no circumstances would I ever want MY hard earned tax dollars 
to subsidize the shipment of food from California or anywhere else to 
my state or to any other state, especially when the very same produce 
is being grown right down the road from where I live and the local 
farmers who are not government subsidized cannot compete with the non 
local farmers who are government subsidized.  The cost of these 
federal subsidizes would be better used to help preserve our 
environment rather than increasing this nations carbon footprint and 
dependence on oil by driving a truck full of tomatoes from California 
to Virginia.  We can grow our own tomatoes thank you very much.
As for the areas in the country that cannot grown their own produce as 
easily, that is part of what those citizens need to factor in when 
deciding where to live.  Also, if the government was not subsidizing 
the prices, they might be really motivated to figure out how to grow 
it locally.  Have you ever heard of permaculture or swales?  There is 
a man by the name of Geoff Lawton who is an expert in this field.  He 
took a patch of land next to the Dead Sea and within months had it 
flourishing only on local rainfall.  He has helped many governments 
around the world, why not ours? Simple 
solutions like this would solve so many problems on so very many 
levels, from not having to ship produce all over the country to the 
Colorado river.....
Also, what goes along with this is the fact that we must once again 
learn to eat seasonally.  There are a wide variety of fruits, 
vegetables, grains and nuts that are nutritious enough to help us all 
make it (very healthy) though the winter without raspberries shipped 
to us on the American taxpayers tab.  Learn to freeze and save your 
local raspberries if you must have them in winter.  If you really must 
have the California grown fresh raspberries in January then you must 
pay what it costs to have them shipped to where you live but why on 
earth does the US government pay for your extravagance?
2)I am so confused about why Monsanto has been allowed to dominate the 
production of crops in our country and the rest of the world.  I 
simply do not want a genetically modified crop that has been sprayed 
with chemicals causing contamination of soil and water supply, loss of 
variety, and the death of the small family farm.  I will not serve 
that to my family in any way shape or form.   Americans should be 
protected by our government from such monster corporations.  Why 
should they be allowed to contaminate the farms of people who don't 
want to grow their seeds and then sue these poor farmers (and win) 
when their only crime was to have a neighbor somewhere  who did buy 
from Monsanto?  Instead our government seems to be composed of lots of 
folks who would have a bias towards Monsanto NOT the towards average 
American people.
3) Meat packing/processing factories.  I will not even go into the 
treatment of the employees there, I will just simply ask "why?"  Why 
are there such high levels of contamination?  Why are they not 
inspected more frequently?  Why is ammonia allowed to be used on our 
food?  Why can't we track one cow so the spread of disease can be 
quickly stopped?  I  am a busy mom who would love to be able to stop 
for fast food burgers for my kids when we are out and they are 
hungry.  The truth is I am afraid to let my kids near a burger.  Even 
if it does not contain deadly ecoli, I know that it has still been fed 
antibiotic (most likely not vegetarian) feed, lived a life standing in 
diseased mixed feces, then processed in a plant that probably has not  
been inspected recently, soaked in ammonia and shipped to a fast food 
joint near me using an extravagant amount of fossil fuels.  I can not 
support any part of that process and I can't understand why the 
American government can.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please fight 
hard to make the changes our great country needs before it is too late.

Jessica Grano

Updated April 7, 2016

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