Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14153

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Comment Number: AGW-14153

From: Ingrid Alvarez-Desai
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 3:14 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: This is a must read for all

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Letter to First Lady, Michelle Obama:

i am concerned. concerned that my ability to feed myself and my family the way i see fit is in jeopardy. concerned that the health and well-being of my fellow citizens will continue to be impaired as a result of government regulation created by successful lobbying by companies that are only concerned with their own profit. concerned that my voice will not be heard.

this concern appears to be justified based on the devistating decline in the health of american's due to agriculture policy changes in the last 30-40 years. you have the statistics if you wish to look at them: with the subsidization of corporate mono-crop farming (corn, wheat, soy - not to mention subsidies and regulatory assistance to the diary and meat industries) and the subsequent decline in prices of these commodities, increased serving sizes have become cheaper. this has been a major cause of the current epidemic of lifestyle diseases that are primarily caused by the quality and quantity of "food" that is stuffed into one's mouth.

economics is pretty basic - make something cheaper and more available and socially acceptable through constant marketing and demand will increase.

unfortunately, albeit predictably, we are now seeing the results of these policies and are and will continue to pay the price.

i am concerned that the continued unchecked (or legislatively encouraged) market consolidation will continue to have a negative impact on my personal choices concerning my health and the availability of healthful, diverse, organic and local food.

in particular today, i would like to voice an opinion on the monsanto corporation and it's apparent behavior in the marketplace to further this consolidation, which is imperiling my choices as a consumer.

I have read numerous news reports that monsanto regularly threatens farmers who do not buy it's seeds. as it already controls a majority of the us seed inventory, this concentration and continued attempt at coercion and bullying to even further this concentration is alarming.

monsanto's circular control of pest control and seeds is also alarming. and genetically altering seeds with untested long term results is also frightening to me, as mistakes cannot easily be corrected.

the appearance of a "revolving door" of personnel between the major agriculturally oriented companies, their lobbyists, and the government regulators is also concerning and appears incestuous at best. it would appear the "corporate" agenda that is so strictly followed by government regulators is clear evidence of this.

i am also concerned by monsanto's and other's continued attempts to weaken food labeling laws and regulations. what is in our food anyway? wy aren't their decent labeling requirements telling us where it was grown, what chemicals are on it, what fertilizers were used, and if it's genetically modified? these are things i need to know to make the bestfood choices for myself and my family. i am being denied and in many cases "lawfully" mislead concerning this information all in the name of providing an easier playing field for monsanto and other large corporate food interests. monsanto and others apparent involvement and control of the "science" of food is also problematic.

monsanto is also enjoying record profits, while rising food prices in this economy that is seeing record unemployment and financial distress and struggling farmers are constantly in the news.

monsanto is a primary culprit in the degradation of the soil quality of our farmlands. bacteria in the soil are required to provide many nutrients that find their way into our food. monsanto's products directly work to kill this benefical bacteria and weaken and deprive our soil which results in lower nutritional quality (although perhaps "prettier" and more visually appealing).

i have taken the time to craft this letter to you in hopes that mine and hopefully many like mine will create enough of a contrast to the powerful and expensive lobbying that has occurred.

my vote will be going to those who have the decency and far-sightedness to protect our food supply now and into the future. your work to protect my interests in this area are appreciated.

thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

Very Sincerely,

Ingrid Alvarez
New York, NY
Updated April 7, 2016

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