Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14224

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Comment Number: AGW-14224

From: Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 6:57 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comments for USDOJ re: FOOD


I am writing to offer comments regarding your inquiry into how business/agri-business and farming interact. 

I am quite concerned about the control and monopoly that currently exists in this country by agri-business over our consumer food supply.

I am taken to getting my food, e.g., milk, chicken, beef, bacon, eggs, and other products, delivered directly from farms in Maryland.  It is like the old days at my house - where the milk guy comes once a week or so.  I have gone this route to not only support my local farmers but also because I am concerned about the amount of chemicals in food at grocery stores.  I am also very concerned about the conditions in which animals are raised, slaughtered and then packaged.

I have seen the recall of beef and other meats and the concerns with E. coli outbreaks and I believe that government should be doing more to investigate these issues.  We cannot afford to have a tainted supply chain of food in this country. 

I am also concerned about the amount of corn and corn syrup appearing in food and food products today.  We are subsidizing corn in a way that has become detrimental to our way of life.

I believe most people in low income brackets cannot find good food at affordable prices; and I also believe farmers having trouble getting good food into mainstream markets.

I am an average citizen who is very concerned about the food that is being sold in supermarkets.  I hope the USDOJ will do more to fully investigate this matter and bring equity to the food industry so that consumers such as myself can obtain food free of pesticides and chemicals.

I encourage you to hold community meetings so we can attend and share our concerns with you in person.  I also encourage you to speak to average farmers who are not part of a larger corporate monopoly. 

Thank you,

Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz, Esq.
2100 Seminary Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910


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