Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14237

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Comment Number: AGW-14237

From: Lynn Schafer-Russell
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 7:49 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comment from Taxpayer

 I would like to raise awareness in the Justice Dept. about the standing threat to food production posed by the Non-profit organized extremist 'Animal Rights" groups HSUS,PETA,and ALF.
 HSUS has a  budget of 129 million a year,and spends 100 million a yr. on excessive lobbying and legislative issues-each and everyone of them designed to control and eliminate the,breeding,  keeping and usage of animals for food,hunting/companion/competitive purposes,scientific/research purposes,and genetic research.HSUS has millions to use to outlaw common livestock housing like their battery cage Bill in Calif. they managed to pass,whose impact is yet to be fully realized but very well will force egg production to Mexico.PETA and HSUS have roots similar to a tree-with intertwined non-profits- as well as shady(more) underground radical groups- all using millions of dollars gathered under the pretense of "helping animals"... when their Vegan Agenda is simply to outlaw and eliminate animals and their ownership/propagation.
  It is a travesty to have the IRS Laws unenforced and allowing these identiifed terrorist organizations to threaten our Food Supply/Production/and Economy,all under the guise of Non-Profit Charitable Organizations.
  At "seminars" the HSUS plainly states to members "How" their Legislative arm sets out to get 300 Bills introduced per yr. passed,and once passed.any allowed numbers of animals kept will be chipped away at, and any fees imposed will be raised-"until the stated goal of zero(allowed) is reached".Under the guise of "Humane Agriculture" lies the STATED GOAL OF ZERO.I PERCEIVE THIS TO BE AN ONEROUS THREAT TO ALL AMERICANS.
  PETA and HSUS plant  member/agents in Agricultural jobs to purposely NOT care for animals,and pay these agents good money to "document" neglect/abuse which they themselves perpetrate.In turn,as seen in the recent Global Exotics seizure/case,(in Arlington,TX) an HSUS member happened to be a lead Animal Control rep. in charge of the raid,which furthers the reach of HSUS Agent/Provacateurs into USDA facilities and animal production plants.
  I urge the US Justice Dept. to investigate -utilizing every US Gov't Agency available- the Interstate money trail(s)/ intertwined terrorist and business ties/ and fraudulent fund-raising and illegal, excessive lobbying actities of HSUS and PETA as well as their ties to ALF and funneling of money to employ website hackers,fund multiple spin-off "Organizations" set up to launder money  through,and infiltrate Agricultural Producers,- The  Animal Rights organized assault via the legal system=( to eliminate the ownership and propagation of any/all animals for any reason) continues to impact and target food producers of all sizes in the USA.
  Because of the Non-Profit Charitable aspect of these Terrorist Groups,and recognized ties to rackteering and organized crime,(resulting in the Calif. State Attorney General outlawing HSUS from conducting business in CAL. back in the 90's)-the prospect of large Corporations taking over Agriculture,and in turn paying kickback money in the form of "Charitable Contributions" and setting up "partnerships" and "Foundations" to fund these groups is alarming- and happening already on all levels of the companion animal food and supply chain.
  I cannot stress the threat to US economic,production and internal security these liasons and huge accumulations of wealth pose,all under the umbrella of a Gov't sanctioned tax-free netherworld of"Charity".
                           Lynn S. Russell
                          2160 California Ave. B-326
                          Sand City,CA. 93955

Updated April 7, 2016

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