Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14254

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Comment Number: AGW-14254

Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:17 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comment

Kay Knack
3131 SW Marigold St. #409
Portland, OR 97219-5395

December 30, 2009

US Department of Justice

Dear US Department of Justice:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit comments in advance of the
Department of Justice's workshops on "Agriculture and Antitrust
Enforcement Issues in Our 21st Century Economy."

As an organic consumer, I am particularly concerned about Monsanto's
control over the seed supply.

By buying seed companies and aggressively patenting life, Monsanto has
gained control over as much as 90 percent of seed genetics. This is not
only anti-competitive behavior, but it is morally wrong, in my experience
and opinion.

I've been growing my food organically whenever and wherever I can for over
35 years, and I feel Monsanto's mission is a real danger to us all. They
should not be holding high government positions either. I support
President Obama, but I feel his appointments of Monsanto personnel to
govt. positions is very worrisome. Their goal is to make money and
commodify life forms through these arrogant patents. And there is still no
testing being done on the safety of genetically modified organisms. They
are meant to be used with harmful pesticides and herbicides. And it's
already too late to control them in some areas. This has adversely
affected the organic crops of neighboring growers, and leaves us all to be
guinea pigs when it comes to the safety of our food. Plus, THEY FINE
FARMERS FOR SAVING SEED. Read about Percy Schmeiser's case in Canada. He
farmed and saved his seed for decades only to have Monsanto claim that he
was growing their seed illegally when they found a genetic match to their
patented canola on his neighboring farm. His story is not unique, but
disturbing. Read the timeline here to see what lengths Monsanto will go to
monopolize their control of our food.

PLEASE, rein these corporate monsters in, before we all have to suffer
from their insane greed.


Kay Knack

Updated April 7, 2016

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